Anthuriums increase your ability to say it with flowers

Released on: September 27, 2007, 1:50 pm

Press Release Author: Amerland Enterprises Ltd

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Anthuriums offer an eye-catching, cost-effective way to
create a powerful visual look using architectural plants, in any living room or
modern room.

Press Release Body: London, England, September 2007 - Flowers have always had the
ability to provoke an emotive response in us. They change our surroundings bringing
the outside in and modify our moods cheering us up when we feel low. They also have
the power to highlight aspects of our homes, enhancing features, atmosphere and
architectural lines.

It is in the latter that, a new UK start-up, is busy carving a name
for itself. Taking as its mission the beautification, enhancement and tasteful
decoration of every modern, minimalist living room and home, Anthuriums specialise
in the sale of exotic, architectural plants which approach, in their shapes and
colours, living works of art.

"Sticking a daisy in a vase and putting it on a table does not really do a lot for a
modern living room," explains Dan Prayag, founder and CEO of the new venture, "Quite
rightly we have high demands of the environment we create in our homes. We live
stressful, hectic lives and the decoration of our living rooms and homes is of
particular importance because they reinforce our sense of identity and our place in
the world. Anthuriums provide the opportunity to use flowers to create unique
settings at very cost-effective prices."

Perfect for creating a visually striking effect for parties and special occasions,
the exotic offerings of are also ideal for creating environments we
can feel comfortable in and relax.

"When you're buying flowers, whether they are for yourself or a gift you are looking
to create a very specific effect. Our flowers provide you with endless opportunities
precisely because we carry a large, exciting variety."

Offering click-and-buy ease of use are the perfect solution to how
to best integrate the power of flowers in homes which are minimalist, clean-lined
and very geometric in their décor.

With over £2 billion spent every year on flowers and plants in the UK Anthuriums aim
to capitalise on demand by offering competitive prices, excellent customer service
and a truly stunning variety of options in the decorative plant front.

"You have to decide what you really want to do," says Dan, "do you want to put a
daisy in a vase and muse how pretty it looks or have flowers in your home which
look stunning and show off its décor. If it's the latter, then we'd love to help

Notes to Editors: is an exclusive UK online venture selling
visually stunning flowers for modern homes. The UK Flower Association estimates the
UK fresh cut flower and indoor plant market is worth £2.2 billion, £200 million more
than the music industry.

On average the UK fresh flower buyer spends £36 a year on flowers. Nine pounds is
spent on cut flowers for every £1 we spend on indoor plants.

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call: 0870 803 0853.

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Contact Details: For follow-up quotes please contact Dan Prayag at: Tel: 0845 643 1691
E Mail:

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