Importers See Productivity and ROI gains with TariffPro

Released on: September 13, 2007, 10:19 pm

Press Release Author: TariffPro

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: TariffPro\'s ( online application
simplifies and reduces the amount of time it takes to get import duties, taxes,
tariffs,calculations, restrictions and other information for importers fast and
cost-effective instant report by over 3000% over traditional methods.

Press Release Body: Importers looking to purchase a product from a foreign country
for import into the United States must have to worry about where and how to get the
most accurate import duties, other customs and import rules and restrictions
applicable to their purchase. The most common traditional method involves querying
existing Harmonized Tariff Schedule Databases in the dim hope that the common
language search will return intelligible results which at some level match the
product. Many have lost their hair or grayed while trying to get the classification
for product as common and as simple as the \"personal computer\", PDA, etc. TariffPro
has simplified and made the process intuitive allowing the importer to obtain an
accurate report literally in seconds.

TariffPro ( has released a unique, robust web application that
provides and instant report of import duty information, rules and restrictions in
instant report and this, on a simple common language search. An importer searching
for the HTS classification of a product enters the product they are searching for.
When the user enters the search tems, the system returns several matches for the
search and allows the user to select the closest match. Once the importer has made
the matching selection, TariffPro issues a report, the TariffPro Advisor, (also
emailed to the customer) which provides the description, import duty rates,
calculation, and any additional restriction.
Additionally, TariffPro also offers an enterprise solution which uses APIs to
integrate TariffPro, unique capability into our customers\', seamlessly integrating
into the customer\'s enterprise.

For more information, on TariffPro LLC, contact or call

Web Site:

Contact Details: TariffPro LLC
6 Stoney Point Ct.
Germantown, MD 20876

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