Is The Iraq War Actually A War

Released on: September 30, 2007, 3:35 pm

Press Release Author: Tony El

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: The US president is seeking another massive monetary
endorsement from the taxpayers in the form of $100 Billion Dollars. But, the
questioned needs to be asked, Is actually what the taxpayers have paid nearly more
than $1 Billion a year Constitionally defined a war. There has not been a
Congressional Declaration of War. In fact there has not been a US Congressional
Decalration of War since WW II. There has been a Congressional Resolution and United
Nations Resolution given as reasons for the conflicts, though. The military forces
are not involved in a war with Iraq nor Afghanistan. But it is very much involved in
a police action to enforce UN policy and or Resolution. The
sheds some light on the issue.

Press Release Body: From the beginning, after the 9/11 disaster, there has been one
question that has not been asked. Is America actually at \"war\" with Iraq? I know
that some may say that this question is self-evident due to the fact the US
president, Congress, and the Media have been calling it a war from the outset. There
is a signed Congressional resolution after all. But I always say that a hundred
people going in one direction does not make it any more the correct direction. Nor
does everyone defining what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan for that matter, a
war a war. I have even asked this question to a Representative and his response was
simply, that the president says it's a war then it is a war. That just made my head
ache even more. It reminded me of a CBS interview of President Clinton prior to the
beginning of the Millennium. The interviewer asked when is the Millennium actually
when the clock at Naval Observatory says that the Millennium actually begun 2001,
not 2000. Mr. Clinton responded by saying that[paraphrasing]\"the American people
says and believes that the Millennium starts 2000, so therefore it does\". That was
an amazing statement that had no rational or logic just as saying the war in Iraq is
a war simply because the president, or anyone else, says it's so. Either it is or it
isn't. Or is this what George Orwell called double-speak, saying a word as one
meaning while the true intention is another.

First we need to look at what we do have. We do have a signed Congressional
Resolution authorizing the president of the United States to use of force. A
resolution is defined as, "a formal statement of opinion or determination adopted by
an assembly or other formal group." Is this what the children of America are dying
for, a statement of opinion? The Founders made it clear that only the Congress has
the power to declare war in Article 1, Section 8. To declare anything is to "make
clearly known; state or announce openly, formally." One thing can be said of this
situation over the "war" is that nothing is clearly known of the reason that
American children are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please visit to read more.

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