Released on: October 22, 2007, 10:58 am

Press Release Author: Ben Campbell

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: A unique computer diskette entitled \"25 RICHEST U.S.
BILLIONAIRES\" not only list the billionaires names, but, includes the corporate
mailing addresses and telephone numbers.

Press Release Body: A revolutionary new \"executive business tool\" is published by
a super-secret internet website. The new \" executive business tool\" is entitled \"25
RICHEST U.S. BILLIONAIRES\" and can be used to established \"contact with\",
\"communicate with\", and establish a \"business relationship with billionaires\" The
unique \"executive business tool\" is published as a computer diskette recording. The
recording not only includes the full names of the 25 Richest persons in the United
States, but, also includes the corporate mailing addresses of the 25 billionaires,
their telephone numbers, and their fax numbers. Net Worth is included for each and
every billionaire listed.
Now it its 4th Annual Edition the BEN CAMPBELL\'S BILLIONAIRES LIST is one of the
few ways to get \"corporate contact information\" for the billionaires of the United
States. Ben Campbell, himself uses the information to do fund raising for
charitable organizations as well as fund raising for political candidates who
retain the services of Ben to accomplish their fund raising objectives.
The information can be used by anyone who wants or need to commuincate with
billionaires.This information can be used by swiss bank executives, investment
bankers, commercial lenders, acquisition funding sources, mezzanine financing
sources, bridge loan originators, corporate funding sources, security brokerage
executives, business brokers, hedge fund managers, corporate acqusitiion advisors,
Leveraged buy-out lenders, ad agency executives, public relations agency,
executives, corporate investor relations executives, corporate Board of Director
members, CFO\'s, and anyone who wants or needs to communicate with billionaire.
The publishers also have a computer diskette recording entitled \" 50 RICHEST U.S.
BILLIONAIRES\", a diskette entitled \" 100 RICHEST U.S. BILLIONAIRES\" and one
entitled \"FORBES 400 - Addresses and Telephone Numbers\". That particular diskette
recording includes ALL 400 billionaires listed in the 2007 FORBES 400 and gives
you their corporate mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers. Net
Worth for each billionaires is included and many listings have an email address
and/or fax number listed.
The publishers also publish a diskette entitled \"SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST\" which
list the 175 Richest Persons in Switzerland. It also includes their mailing
addresses and telephone numbers. Certain qualifications must be met to purchase
For additional information about these rare \"executive business tools\" visit the
website at URL: www.billionaires.00cash.com

Website: www.billionaires.00cash.com

Web Site: http://www.billionaires.00cash.com

Contact Details: Ben Campbell
Email: billionaires@email.com

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