Author pens book exploring US relations with Latin America

Released on: October 1, 2007, 5:37 pm

Press Release Author: Kenneth D. MacHarg

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Political instability, leftist governments, environmental
problems, poverty, corruption and open borders that allow drugs, terrorists and
millions of immigrants into the United States are challenges from our nearest
neighbor, Latin America. Events south of our border are affecting us daily and
changing our society, yet, to our peril, we ignore this region at our doorstep. Now,
Kenneth D. MacHarg writes in an easy-to-read, journalistic style about Latin
America, its people, issues and opportunities. And, he helps us to understand the
unique characteristics Latin American immigrants bring that are changing our

Press Release Body:
While presenting seminars on Latin America several years ago, author Kenneth D.
MacHarg found what he called "an abysmal lack of knowledge and understanding about
Latin America and a growing hostility and prejudice against Latin Americans settling
in North America."

"In the light of 9/11 and preoccupation with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the
United States has neglected its nearest neighbors, Latin Americans," Mr. MacHarg
says. "As a result, festering conditions of poverty, a leftist resurgence among
Latin American leaders, a growing drug trade, open borders and the violence spawned
by gangs and narco-traffickers have encouraged the growing flow of immigrants, both
legal and illegal, into North America," he explains.

As Mr. MacHarg points out in his book, From Rio to the Rio Grande, Challenges and
Opportunities in Latin America, unless the U.S. helps to address the issues that are
forcing so many to seek employment and a better way of life north of the Rio Grande
river, we will continue to see an uncontrollable flow of migrants in spite of
fences, walls and an increased militarization of the border.

In eight easy-to-read chapters, the author provides an introduction to current
opportunities and challenges in Latin America and insights in to what we as a people
and our government leaders can do about them. The book was written to awaken an
interest among North Americans about our neighbors to the south and to alert us to
the challenges facing us if we continue to ignore the people, nations and problems

Mr. MacHarg describes the situation of poverty and troubled economies in Latin
America; the shift to the left in many recent presidential elections; the
discouragement that Latin Americans have with democracy and the political process;
the opportunities afforded by regional integration and free trade; the challenges
posed by environmental problems and corruption; the frightening specter of increased
drug trafficking across our porous border, the potential for the infiltration of
terrorists along with immigrants; and the challenge to the United States to
understand and integrate our new neighbors into our society.

From Rio to the Rio Grande has already attracted wide-spread interest. It has been
purchased by university libraries and professors in Florida, Georgia, North
Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Wisconsin and Arkansas; by embassy personnel
in Latin America, and by executives of such intergovernmental agencies as the
International Development Bank and others.

And, it is bringing positive response from people who know and love Latin America. A
former U.S. ambassador to Paraguay described the book as "An excellent sweep of key
topical issues." In addition, a former State Department official wrote that it is
"Very has good depth on the key and troubling issues both hemispheric
and between the U.S. and Latin America."

Mr. MacHarg is well-qualified to explore these issues that are crucial to our
nation. He has lived in Panama, Ecuador and Costa Rica and has set foot in almost
every Latin American country. The author of six previous books, he has written
hundreds of articles about the region for newspapers and magazines. Most recently
he was Professor of Mass Media and Communication at the Evangelical University of
the Americas in San Josť, Costa Rica.

The author was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Maryville
College in Maryville, Tennessee and the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
in Louisville, Kentucky. He is married to the former Polly Ballantine of Absecon,
New Jersey. In addition, he has lived in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Berea,
Kentucky, Absecon, New Jersey, Jeffersonville, Indiana and Miami Shores, Florida. He
and his wife now live in Carrollton, Georgia.

From Rio to the Rio Grande, Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America, (ISBN:
978-9-5882855-6-6) may be ordered through local book stores, or on line at Credit card orders may be phoned to
800-247-6553. It is also available on line at,

Mr. MacHarg is available for interviews and speaking engagements. He may be
contacted at 678-796-1601 or

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Contact Details: Atlas Books
30 Amberwood Parkway
Ashland, OH 44805

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