Benefits of Fiber vs YAG Lasers

Released on: October 2, 2007, 10:08 am

Press Release Author: Laser Photonics

Industry: Semiconductors

Press Release Summary: Product Update
Benefits of Fiber vs. YAG Lasers
Fiber Trumps Nd: YAG on All Fronts

Press Release Body: Fiber laser marking and cutting technology is making a
significant impact on the industrial manufacturing market due to its low cost, low
maintenance and increased efficiency in comparison to Nd: YAG lasers. Fiber Lasers
are also considerably more affordable. The early adopters of this ultra-efficient
laser equipment are already seeing an increased return on investment. Still not
convinced? Check out the side by side comparison of benefits and features and decide
for yourself.

Fiber Laser Nd: YAG Laser
Reliability 50,000 -100,000 hours 500 - 1,000 hours (lamp-pumped)
10,000 - 20,000 hours (diode-pumped)
Power Consumption 170W per hour 6kW per hour
Maintenance No maintenance
No consumables
No cleaning or aligning of mirrors
No filters (chiller)
No aligning of beam path Optical path requires frequent adjustments to
optimize power output
Periodic replacement of flash lamps, diode packs and solid state crystals
Diode pack maintenance requires factory-trained personnel and extended down time
Cleaning, replacement and aligning of laser mirrors
Power Efficiency Up to 50% 2 -3% (0.2% with 3x Nd:YAG)
Beam Quality Round, concentric
Near M2 = 1 (<1.05) No symmetric on both sizes
Inferior M2
Spot Size 50% smaller than Nd:YAG spot size
Requires less power to achieve the same result Significantly larger than the fiber
Requires more lasing power to achieve the same result
Optical Path/Beam Path Flexible cable
Up to 50m Mirrors, Optical Path
Loss of beam quality and significant power drop-off with fiber delivery scan head
Cooling Air cooled De-ionized (DI) water
Size 19" rack mount unit Large footprint
Chiller No chiller necessary up to 200W, Q-switched (pulsed) or CW 30X Watt to laser
output power (replacement required every 1- 2 years)

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