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Released on: October 2, 2007, 10:39 pm

Press Release Author: Data recoevry Shareware

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Billing and Inventory management software integrate multiple
software packages to deal with all aspects of billing and cover up uncertainty. This
Invoicing Software is specifically designed for the legal profession. Combining
multiple heterogeneous products together can be recalcitrant to impossible to do.
For instance, it keeps all records of transaction and display alert in case of delay
payment. It consider time factor also.

Press Release Body: Our "BILLING AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE" is specifically
designed for the legal professionals according to their requirement and to solve
their problems of remuneration. Hence, billing tool is not laden with many
complicated features, \'bells and whistles\' to target a wide range of professionals.
This software is able to keep record of their clients also. More importantly,
billing utility significantly mitigates an attorney\'s role (time) as accountant with
bookkeeping and more as an attorney. Time factor is its major specialty. With most
billing packages on the market, law offices have to be purchased and integrate
multiple software packages to handle different aspects of billing and inventory but
we are combining multiple heterogeneous products together. It can be recalcitrant to
impossible to do. For instance, of times, law offices have to purchase additional
software just to track incoming telephone calls. Not so with legitigant. Legitigant
includes a tool that will turn your offices\' incoming and outgoing phone calls into
charges with the click of a button. This software is developed by high profiled
developer who have relevant knowledge of various professional fields such as legal
services, medical services, audit services and book keeping services etc. Any
professional can use this software to maintain his/her billing record.

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Contact Details:, Data Recovery Shareware, Gaziabad-201002, India

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