C5 petroleum resin for adhesives

Released on: October 21, 2007, 6:53 pm

Press Release Author: kathy

Industry: Chemicals

Press Release Summary: PRSŪ-A C5 series petroleum resin is suitable for hot melt
adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive. They have excellent compatibility with
elastomers as SIS, SBS, SEBS, SEPS and also have excellent compatibility with
natural rubber, synthetic rubber and EVA as well as natural adhesive resin (such as
terpene, rosin and other ramifications) which ensures the improvement to each

Press Release Body: C5 petroleum resin gradually take the place of natural adhesive
resin (terpene and rosin) by its qualities of strong adhesive strength, quick
adhesive, stability, moderate melting, anti-hotness, better compatibility with high
polymers, possessing an important position
Characteristics of C5 petroleum resin in the hot melt adhesive:
Better fluidity and can improve the wetting of principal part materials.
Have better glutinosity and sistinguished initial adhibiting performance
Excellent anti-aging property
Light color
Transparent, lwo smell and low volatileness
In the hot melt adhesive, PRSŪ-A series can be used as the anchoring agent resin
and also can be mixed with other anchoring resin to improve certain features of hot
melt adhesive.
Recommended application fields: hot melt adhesive
Other applications: Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, impregnant
pressure-sensitive adhesive

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