SWISSFUND gets ready for 2007 SWISS ELECTION

Released on: October 17, 2007, 3:44 pm

Press Release Author: Ben Campbell

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: SWISSFUND performs fund raising advisory for swiss political
candidates for 2007 SWISS ELECTION.

Press Release Body: SWISSFUND, the fund raising advisory service, is busy getting
ready for the up and coming 2007 SWISS ELECTION.
SWISSFUND, well know for its \"ANONYMOUS FUND RAISING SERVICES\", has been know to
perform fund raising advisory services for several swiss political parties.
The 2007 SWISS ELECTION is in a heated battle for control of the government of
Switzerland and will result in the election of a NEW Swiss Chancellor, New members
of the Swiss Federal Council, most members of the Swiss Council of States, and
members of the Swiss National Council.
SWISSFUND also provides a unique service of only fund raising to SWISS
BILLIONAIRES. The counseling service provides all the information for contact and
communication with Swiss Billionaires. This is often done ANONYMOUSLY where even
the respective swiss billionaires do not know that SWISSFUND initiated their
donation (or donations) to the respective swiss political candidate(s). (Any
public officeholder is only as powerful as is his/her richest donor).
SWISSFUND also has a unique fund raising service which it refers to as \"MATCHING
DONATIONS\" and a special program entitled \"LEAD DONORS\". These services are
explained on the SWISSFUND website at URL:
SWISSFUND will also make arrangements for \"CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS\" of swiss
political candidates. These can be \"volunteer celebrity endorsements\" and/or
\"Paid-for celebrity endorsements. (Celebrity endorsements can add a lot of votes
on election day).
SWISSFUND executives have over 20 years experience in the political fund raising
profession and are knowledgeable of all aspects of fund raising. Battleground
fund raising campaigns are nothing new to SWISSFUND.
SWISSFUND can help a swiss political candidate solve \"fund raising problems\".
And/or work with their regular fund raising counselor to determine \"fund raising
strategies\" or increase the amount of donations, or even \"target\" specific donors
or specific groups of donors, if need be..
For additional information visit the website at URL:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Ben Campbell

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