SWISSFUND prepares for victory in Swiss Election

Released on: October 19, 2007, 10:06 am

Press Release Author: Ben H. Campbell

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: SWISSFUND, fund raising advisory for swiss political
candidates believes it will make major milstones in the 2007 Swiss Election.
And, win!

Press Release Body: The 2007 SWISS NATIONAL ELECTION has been everything but a
\"Bed of Roses\" for candidates seeking election in Switzerland. And, candidates and
their advisors have had to change their campaigning techniques tocompete in the
SWISSFUND, the fund raising advisory service which helps swiss political
candidates get vital donations has expressed that it believes it will be
victorious in outcome of the 2007 Swiss Election.
SWISSFUND is well known for its \"ANONYMOUS\" fund raising programs where its
actions are not only confidential ,but, are not even known about by allmost
everyone, including the respective donors. SWISS FUND also has a special fund
raising practice it calls \"MATCHING DONATION\". And, it also has its \"SWISS
BILLIONAIRES PROGRAM\" where it does fund raising, but, only to swiss billionaires.
SWISSFUND believes that any political candidate or public officeholder is only as
powerful or influential as their richest or most powerful endorser.
SWISSFUND has a \"CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT\" program available for swiss political
The 2007 SWISS NATIONAL ELECTION will result in a the election of a new CHANCELLOR
in Switzerland, election of the members of the SWISS COUNCIL OF STATES, and
election of members of the SWISS NATIONAL COUNCIL, the major ruling bodies of the
swiss government.
SWISSFUND is actually known to do fund raising for several swiss political
parties, and for swiss political candidates with varying \"positions on the issues\"
and different \"political beliefs\". SWISSFUND has never publicly disclosed why it
has that particular practice.
SWISSFUND website:


Web Site:

Contact Details: Ben Campbell

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