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Released on: November 7, 2007, 1:03 pm

Press Release Author: Ben Campbell

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Get the names of all 83 DeBeers Sightholders. These are the
worlds largest Diamond Deals.

Press Release Body: Every jeweler in the world has heard of the name DeBeers,
but, few of them have heard of the name DeBeers Sightholders\". And, many Diamond
Dealers have heard of the words DeBeers Sightholders. What they don\'t know is that
the Sightholders are the only companies/persons who can buy diamonds from DeBeers.
Sightholders get the privilege of attending the diamond sales events of DeBeers.
They are the only persons allowed to attend DeBeers diamond auctions. And, they are
no doublt the largest diamond dealers in existance.
Now a unique computer diskette gives you the names of these \"DeBeers
Sightholders\". The diskette also gives you the name of the city and country in
which the sightholders have their office. Some listings have an office/showroom
address. Some have a telephone number. Some discribe whether the sightholder
specializes in \"polished diamonds\", \"uncut diamonds\", and/or whether or not they
own factories or cutting rooms. We only guarantee that you get the names of all of
the sightholders.
If, you are a diamond dealer and you want to do business with the DeBeers
Sightholders, then, you need this information.
For more information visit the website:
Then, click on the words \"DeBeers Sightholders\" on the navigation bar to visit
this special webpage.


Web Site:

Contact Details: Ben Campbell
Tel: 323-573-2501

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