Envirowise challenges UK businesses to take the two month test

Released on: January 30, 2008, 5:43 am

Press Release Author: ali shah

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Sustainable business expert Envirowise is challenging UK
businesses to take a two month test to see if they can spot a difference in
financial savings from environmental resolutions.

Press Release Body: HSE statistics show over half of small businesses make New
Year's resolutions but that these are often broken within one month as they are too
expensive or take up too many resources1. Envirowise can save businesses time and
money in the planning stage, by reducing time spent in researching measures by
offering free practical advice.

"Businesses often fall down on their resolutions through lack of time, money or by
being too ambitious," comments Envirowise programme director Dr Martin Gibson.
"Envirowise can help companies plan - and keep - their resolutions on the
environment. By focusing efforts on one area, measuring use, implementing change and
then re-measuring, companies will see financial savings, and be confident that they
are ticking the box on their corporate social responsibility."

This advice is echoed by top psychologist Professor Stephen Wood, deputy director of
the Institute of Work Psychology3, who says that making a single resolution and
planning in advance are keys to success in keeping New Year's resolutions.

"Whether you're a business or an individual, the top tips are the same. Pick just
one area to focus on to improve your chances of success, and plan your resolution in
advance, instead of waiting until New Year's Eve. The extra time will allow you to
reflect on what you really want to achieve, and then plan for it."

Envirowise is challenging companies to take the two month test from the start of
January to the end of February and select an initiative from a range of simple
measures to take action on paper, water, energy or waste. Even small, simple
measures can have an immediate effect, they say, and it needn't take a lot of time -
just one hour a week can be enough to convert good intentions to reduce
environmental impact into financial savings.

For more information on the two month test, including a range of expert advice and
practical tips, see http://www.envirowise.gov.uk/(TBC)

December 10, 2007 (TBC)
Issued on behalf of Envirowise by Mistral
For more information contact:
Alison Hill
Head of Environment Lucinda Roberts
Account Executive
01869 352 722
01869 352 729

Web Site: http://www.envirowise.gov.uk

Contact Details: Envirowise
Kerry Bennett
Building 150,
Harwell SIC,
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0800 595 794
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