NolaPro(r) Free financial software adds over 10,000 new users during Jan Feb 2008

Released on: February 27, 2008, 12:36 pm

Press Release Author: Noguska LLC

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: The NolaPro Free web accounting suite gains rapid market
share; positions itself to surpass Quickbooks in key markets during 2008.

Press Release Body: Long-time web application developer Noguska LLC
( proudly announces that its flagship business software, NolaPro,
has already topped over 10,000 new users since January 1, 2008.

NolaPro Free ( is a platform-independent business management suite
that boasts full accounting, inventory, order tracking, payroll, e-commerce and
multi-language functionality. This is not including the rapidly increasing number
of plug-ins that promise to soon blanket the financial markets.

What\'s all the commotion about?

Noguska notes that aside from providing its features with no limitations and no
price tag, many former Quickbooks, PeachTree and Great Plains users are attracted to
NolaPro's user-friendly icon menus and robust flexibility for customization.

Further, NolaPro offers another huge benefit that others don\'t. NolaPro installs on
any Windows XP/Vista or Linux PC and then provides verified users secure access via
a network or Internet connection. Needless to say, small businesses who have
employees in the field or business owners who travel frequently, are among NolaPro\'s
prime adherents.

Web tracking site Alexa ( notes that since NolaPro\'s version 4
re-release in October 2007, their traffic has grown by 687% with a user base being
split between North American and international clients. Noguska concurs that it has
procured over 25,000 new users since the 4thQ/07, with U.S. and international
interest being equal. Noguska management strongly feels that no present day
marketplace software can succeed in a strictly local market, which is further
evidenced by their rapidly growing stable of global partners.

There is a good reason why NolaPro has experienced such extremely rapid growth while
other new financial packages have floundered by the wayside. Although NolaPro is a
new product geared for the modern web workplace, it is actually the 10th generation
of a financial suite that was first designed, programmed, tested and marketed by
Noguska in the late 1970s--long before the advent of the first IBM PC.

NolaPro is presently used in over 70 countries worldwide and has been integrated
with 3rd party applications in hundreds of industries. For more information call
419-435-0404 or visit the NolaPro website at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Noguska LLC
Donovon M. Lee, CEO

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