Released on: March 25, 2008, 4:09 pm

Press Release Author: Arbor Books

Industry: Government


Press Release Body: (SEATTLE, WA)-During the Nepalese civil war, tension between the
Maoists and the government were at an all-time high, and so the military imposed a
curfew for the country-with severe penalties for anyone who disobeyed.

Gary Garner, an American vagabond for the twenty-first century and author of the new
book Through the Eyes of Madness, came head-to-head with an angry Nepalese mob the
night before he was supposed to be en route to Mount Everest.

While searching the streets of Nepal after curfew for a shopkeeper who he believed
to be in possession of his passport, Mr. Garner was surrounded by countless angry
men who thought he had come to rob the shopkeeper. The entire mob scene and its
nail-biting conclusion is one of many stories punctuated with humor and suspense in
Mr. Garner's new book.

Five years ago, Mr. Garner left his multimillion dollar business to adventure around
the world. Now homeless and jobless, he is living the life of a vagabond as he
travels from country to country. During his exploration he has experienced:

Witnessing a brutal murder on the South China Sea
His own near-death at the heights of Mt. Everest
Being ambushed and robbed in Costa Rica by very unusual suspects
Countless other harrowing escapes that have illustrated valuable and moving life

Each chapter of Through the Eyes of Madness richly details the real life-and-death
adventures Mr. Garner experienced throughout his journey, many of which were
seemingly un-survivable.

"My book also has an intriguing twist: I have a mysterious surprise waiting for
anyone who can decipher the encrypted codes in my journal, which point to physical
clues planted around the world," says Mr. Garner.

From beginning to end, the book is laced with a visual and mathematical secret
code-but unlike its fictional cousins, this book's secret is very real.

"These past few years have been so fantastical and life-altering that even I have
trouble believing it," admits Mr. Garner. "But that's why I kept the journals and
constructed the book in the way that I did. Now, others can share in the adventure."

To learn more about the breakout book critics are hailing as "the most ingenious and
intriguing adventure book ever written," visit, or
preview a video interview with the author on YouTube at

(Through the Eyes of Madness by Gary Garner; ISBN: 0-9798687-9-3; illustrated;
photos; $39.99; 398 pages; 8 x 11 soft cover paperback; Integrated Technology Edge

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