China Electronics Wholesale Presents New Importing Opportunities Online

Released on: March 27, 2008, 1:06 am

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Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Geeph Technology Ltd offers importing opportunity for anyone
with a taste of lowly priced goods high in quality

Press Release Body: In May 25, 2008, the China based Geeph Technology Ltd. expands
its originally domestic business and announces the opening of its new international
online shop, offering business opportunities widely across the world for anyone
interested in electronic products.

Geeph offers a variety of wholesale and retail products that stretch from the domain
of gaming to specialized products including digital pens.

Located in China, Geeph is embedded in an environment that strives more and more for
economic growth and competition. To keep in line with competitors, Geeph specializes
in unique electronic equipments. It offers a variety of products online including
some that are popularly demanded, such as camcorders, cellphones, and such; and some
that are unique and hard to find, including unique models of electronic pens and
wrist watches. With its reasonable and fairly low prices, unique selection of
products, and new arrival everyday, buyers are presented with excess opportunities
to buy, and will most definitely be satisfied with their buying choice.

Purchasing from a wide range of Chinese manufacturers allow Geeph to sell its
products with a fair price that beats most of its competitors in other countries.
Chinese products have always been famed for its lower price range, and Geeph takes
advantage of this positive trait by allowing new opportunities for customers to
import lowly priced Chinese goods in the electronic market of other countries. Many
people may see this as a profitable business opportunity, but may hinder at
questions about quality and effort regarding importing from Geeph. In terms of
quality issues, Geeph offers a 12-month warranty guaranteeing top quality of all its
products. Any products that are defected may be returned for exchange or refund. In
terms of effort, Geeph offers a quick online registration system that can be
completed within minutes of your time. This system presents an escape from troubles
and costs associated with negotiation and contracting, and eliminates all language
barriers having to do with negotiations. All transactions may be done online, with
price and quality of products guaranteed.

In, secure shopping is guaranteed by 128 bit SSL encryption. Customers pay
by using PayPal, HSBC, Visa, Mastercard, and others. Products are delivered using
fast and dependable delivery via companies you are familiar with such as UPS, DHL,
and FedEx. If experiencing technical problems in rare cases, support is always
available online using instant messaging and offline Help Desk System.

Geeph offers an affiliate program in which anyone with a paypal account is welcomed
to join. In becoming an affiliate of Geeph, Geeph places a banner on your site. When
a customer clicks on Geeph's banner on your site, Geeph's system will automatically
record the track of that customer's visit on Geeph for 40 days by using cookies.
Within these 40 days, you will receive 6% commission based on the total amount of
your customer's spending on Geeph. If one of your customers decide to join Geeph's
affiliate program, you will receive an additional 2% commission off your customer's
sales, and will receive an additional 1% off your customer's affiliates. With a
total 9% commission, 6% off your own customers, 2% off the sales of your customers
that become affiliates, and 1% off the third level customers, all at the comfort of
sitting at home.

With an ambitious prospect, variety of products, low prices with high quality
guaranteed, and commitment in customer relations, Geeph strives for the best, and
aims to give the best.

For more information, visit


Web Site:

Contact Details: 1501 Guo-Li New Asia Building, Zhonghang Road, Futian District
Shenzhen, Guangdong
518031, China

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