Released on: March 31, 2008, 3:57 am

Press Release Author: Alexandra Giès

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Presentation of a French stained-glass workshop, specialized
in Sacred Art, Modern Creations and Stained-Glass.

Press Release Body:

Creation and Restoration of stained-glass, Fusing

Alexandra Giès has settled her workshop of stained-glass creation and restoration in
the north of France, on the one hand because of the ideal brightness of North\'s
larges skies and on the other hand because it is a region where one can see a large
number of ornamental stained-glass in the middle-class houses and public spaces,
essentially dated from 1880 to 1930.

From the meeting of designer Gil Dara and Alexandra Giès came up the desire to
imagine architectural and ornamental elements. Not only was used the stained-glass
technique but also the fusing technique,combining know-how,tradition and high-tech.

This is how masterpieces, furnitures and luminaries are created, combining together
glass and the variest materials: natural stones, precious metals and woods...with
sometimes a complementary dimension brought by light, water, movement.

The two artists also create liturgical furniture and spaces. The workshop is very
dynamic and devotes itself to create unique hand made pieces, limited productions
and customized orders.

The Team

Alexandra Giès : « Best French Skilled Worker" in stained-glass art option Glass
Painter and Restorer

Germain Bourgeois : « Best French Skilled Worker" in stained-glass art option
Plotter-Cutter-Setter, stained-glass layer.

Julien Topart : Lead came, stained-glass layer.

Jean-Philippe Sergent : Lead came, Glass painting.

Judith Theffiry: Lead came, Glass painting

& Gil Dara: Designer, Interior architect, Studies and Projects.

Contact :
Professionnal Blog:

Web Site:

Contact Details: L\'Atelier du Vitrail
35 rue de Roubaix

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