Steamtech Series III offers portable cleaning and sanitizing with no chemicals

Released on: March 28, 2008, 10:47 pm

Press Release Author: Dave Paton

Industry: Chemicals

Press Release Summary: "Steamtech industrial steam cleaning solution uses no
chemicals and saves money"

Press Release Body: Chino , Ca ( ExpressPressRelease ) - March 18, 2008 Steamtech
the world's one of a kind portable steam sanitation solution for cleaning
foodservice facilities without the use of chemicals, announces the series III
portable cleaning and sanitizing system. CEO Dave Paton says "trying to clean with
anything else would be like trying to clean your driveway with a tooth brush." The
Series III is quickly becoming our most popular model and can be used in every
restaurant, food service kitchen or small food processor.

We have thousands of machines throughout the world helping both Foodservice
Restaurants, Healthcare facilities, Hospitals, Country Clubs and Food Processing
companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in chemical usage, water
savings, and overall labor with a machine that does the job of three people . better
and faster. Put the right tool in your workers hands to clean your place of business
70% cleaner and faster than any method you have ever used. 250 Degrees of grease
melting steam vapor and zero chemicals gets the job done in seconds rather than
countless laborious hours.

A real time video demo is available at (
) or ( ). You can see how our
machine can clean in seconds what used to take hours of intensive labor. The results
are dramatic with a Steamtech Series III compared to the cleaning method of 100
years ago with rags, brushes, mops, and soaps.

Don't be fooled by simple pressure washers with high water pressure that ruin and
destroy kitchen floors and put out tons of water and chemicals. Don't be sold on
cheaper gas, kerosene, and diesel fired monsters the size of small car that don't
heat up past 160 degrees and can't be used indoors or in foodservice facilities.
Pressure washing machines like the Hotsy, Karcher, Sanitech Mark Series, Daimer and
Hyrdotek don't heat up to the greasing melting sterilizing temperatures as a
Steamtech. Our 150 pound portable units are now the standard for all foodservice
cleaning of mats, filters, floors, hoods, trash cans, gum removal, floor drains, and
countless other uses. Our plant has been making units for 35 plus years, hand making
each unit in our factory in the United States with the Best parts money can buy.

Come to the future of cleaning with Steamtech, cleaning and sanitizing without the
use of chemicals. The one of a kind cleaning solution.

About SteamTech Corporation

SteamTech manufactures high pressure steam cleaners in the US and are specifically
designed for the food service industry. These steam cleaners are used by hundreds of
US companies as they allow the operator to both degrease and sanitize the entire
kitchen from floors to equipment with a fraction of the labor hours used without the
steam cleaner. All STEAMTECH steam cleaner models use regular cold water that is
converted into a pressurized wet-stream that melts grease and sanitizes without
chemical additives. All steam cleaner models are easy for employees to operate and
completely portable. SteamTech products are made purely in the USA.


Dave Paton President
SteamTech Corporation
3990 Riverside Dr
Chino , Ca. 91710


Web Site:

Contact Details: Dave Paton President
SteamTech Corporation
3990 Riverside Dr
Chino , Ca. 91710

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