Thai producers of gifts, premiums and home decorative items expect a 5-8 per cent export growth this year

Released on: March 26, 2008, 2:40 am

Press Release Author: Jack Sington

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Bangkok - Representatives of Thai producers and exporters of
lifestyle products are confident the exports of Thailand's gifts, premiums, home
decorative items and housewares in 2008 will increase by 5-8 percent. They ascertain
that Thai entrepreneurs have to emphasize on product development and keeping up with
the global market's trend, while government agencies are urged to be aware of a
necessity to produce more designers to industrial sectors.

Press Release Body: Mr. Jirabool Vittayasing, President of Thai Gifts Premiums &
Decorative Association said recently that the exports of gifts, premiums and home
decorative items is anticipated to grow by 5-8 percents in 2008, thanks to the price
rise of Chinese products in the global market.

"Presently, the Chinese government has ceased its tax rebate policies on exports,
which ultimately forced Chinese producers and exporters to raise the price of their
export products by 40-50%. This is one of the reasons the demand of Thai products in
the global market will be boosted," Mr. Jirabool said.

He added that apart from the United States of America, Japan, and the United Kingdom
which are Thailand's primary export markets; Switzerland and the ASEAN countries are
the promising new markets due to their dramatically increasing buying power.

Mr. Supat Sriwannavit, President of Thai Housewares Trade Association stated during
the same seminar that the exports of Thai housewares products this year is likely to
increase by 5-8 percent, whereas the U.S. and Europe continue to be their main

"Thailand is No. 1 producer and exporter of houseware products in ASEAN region, due
to our rich material supplies and production capabilities. However, we must not
overlook the business expansion to new markets such as Africa, Eastern Europe and

Mr. Supat also stated that the crucial factors in maintaining the lead position in
housewares export market are generating high-quality products with competitive
price, maintaining existing customers and not ceasing to expand the customer base to
the new markets; as well as, constantly develop the product design that responds to
the demand of the main markets.

Meanwhile, Ms. Pathreeya Parshujarratpong, President of Home Decorative Design
Association stated that there is an immense demand for potential designers in the
production sector of Thai home decorative and lifestyle products. Still, human
resources remain inadequate.

"The government and the related organizations need to seriously acknowledge the
necessity of delivering potential designers to the market that will help strengthen
the manufacturing and exporting industries. Otherwise, we will not be able to
compete with our competitors in the global market, especially China, who recognized
such significant matter and simultaneously encouraging universities in its provinces
to produce at least 5,000 new designers yearly."

Ms. Pathreeya also expressed her concern over the lack of experience and marketing
skills of most Thai designers that prevent them from being successful once they turn
exporters. She suggested theses new designers to gain marketing experience by
working with the industrial sector before starting their own business.

In an attempt to boost Thailand's lifestyle products industry, the Department of
Export Promotion (DEP) under the Ministry of Commerce, recently launched a pilot
program entitled 'BIG Design Week' on March 3-7 of which number of seminars and
workshops on the up-coming trends of lifestyle products in the global market were
organized to provide Thai designers and manufacturers new opportunities to exchange
opinions and experiences in their careers. Attendances to the program could also
learn professional tips from international experts on marketing and design who gave
lectures under 'Design Trend 2009' topic, an in-depth market trend analysis in three
main markets - the U.S., Europe and Japan.

DEP's Office of Product Value Development's director, M.L Khathathong Thongyai
stated that DEP is trying to give an opportunity for exporters and Thai designers to
learn some hands-on experiences. The knowledge will give them understanding of the
market and design trends as well as consumer behaviors, so that they can develop
their design potential.

'Big Design Week' was launched for the first time for designers and producers in
gifts and home decoration industries, especially exhibitors of the Bangkok
International Gift Fair & Bangkok International Houseware Fair (BIG&BIH). The dual
fairs, held bi-yearly in April and October by DEP are organized to provide greater
business opportunities to local designers, producers and exporters of gifts,
premiums, home decorative items, housewares, home textiles, toys, stationery and
office supplies.

The 25th edition of BIG&BIH will be held on April 17-22, 2008 at the Challenger
Hall, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani. The first four days (April 17-20) are reserved for
trade negotiations, while Monday and Tuesday 21st and 22th are opened for public.
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