World Fluorochemicals Forecasts for 2011 and 2016

Released on: March 23, 2008, 11:16 pm

Press Release Author: Bharatbook

Industry: Chemicals

Press Release Summary: Global fluorochemical demand is projected to advance over
three percent annually to 2.9 million metric tons in 2011, benefitting from the
continued expansion of the global economy. Rising income levels and advancing
manufacturing sectors are directing most of these gains to industrializing
countries, whose fluorochemical markets are also benefitting from a less restrictive
regulatory environment. More aggressive regulations are restraining fluorochemical
consumption in developed countries, particularly in combination with slower
manufacturing growth and higher market penetration of fluorochemical-using consumer

Press Release Body: Fluorocarbons growing amidst turbulence
International agreements such as the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols, in conjunction
with national government regulations, are generating much flux in the fluorocarbon
market. Although the ongoing phase-out for ozone depleting CFCs is nearly complete
in most markets, the consumption of less damaging HCFCs continues to expand.
Mirroring the historical trend in CFCs, HCFC demand has migrated from developed to
developing countries, where rising income levels are supporting strong increases in
consumer markets. HFC demand continues to expand strongly worldwide, although
heightened concerns over climate change and competition from nonfluorinated
alternatives will dampen gains in Western Europe.

Higher value products gaining prominence
Outside of the volatile fluorocarbon market, growth prospects for fluorochemicals
are being led by higher value products such as fluoropolymers and specialty fluorine
gases. The continued advancement of manufacturing, both technologically and
geographically, is generating widespread industry demand for the high performance
capabilities of these fluorochemicals, particularly in the electronics and motor
vehicle sectors. More modest gains will arise in commodity inorganic
fluorochemicals, with much of the growth pursuing the expansion of aluminum smelting
into developing markets.

Industry structure
The fluorochemical industry has sizeable barriers to entry, including economies of
scale needed for the profitable production of high volume products, steep research
and development costs and evolving environmental regulations. As a result, much of
the global supply is concentrated among a handful of major integrated companies.
However, a large number of smaller players are also involved, either through the
sale of high value specialty and niche products or by supplying commodity products
to regional markets.

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