dutch transport minister to open 2008 incident management summit

Released on: March 27, 2008, 11:13 am

Press Release Author: allan edun im summit

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary:
the netherlands government host the first high level summit to improve the
management of road traffic accidents
in european.

Press Release Body:

amsterdam 1 april 2008: the dutch department of transport and waterways will host
the first ever european incident Management Summit on 11th and 12th of september
2008 at the vrije universiteit amsterdam.

daily traffic accident management along the major roads of europe is a major task
for highway authorities as well as the police, fire and ambulance services. besides
improved safety for road users and emergency workers, incident management has a
direct, positive impact on traffic mobility. to carry out the incident management
process in an effective and efficient way, the need for (spatial) information and
supporting information is a high priority. this need has grown because reducing
mobility problems is now high on the political agendas across europe.
to support better the process of managing these incidents, there is a need for a
more mobile, context-aware (spatial) information and supporting information system
infrasture. this will be a major change from many current national practices.
adapting to changes in the environment is at the heart of context-aware computing:

in general, the aim of this incident management summit is to ensure the safe and
rapid handling of incidents so that the traffic flow restrictions caused by an
incident are lifted as quickly as possible. good victim assistance and the safety of
both emergency service workers and other road users are benefactors of this new

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