Cathaoirleach Of Limerick County Council Bemoans Lack Of Respect For National Flag

Released on: April 8, 2008, 1:25 am

Press Release Author: Mark Dunphy/Dunphy Public Relations

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: 8th April 2008 - The Cathaoirleach of Limerick County Council
has expressed concern over the growing number of incidents whereby the National Flag
was being disrespected.

Press Release Body: Councillor Kevin Sheahan said that guidelines for use of the
Irish Tricolour, issued by the Department of the Taoiseach, were being contravened
because many people were unaware of their existence.

He explained, "It saddens me to see so many examples of our National Flag being
disrespected. Such examples are visible all throughout the country and include the
flag being displayed in the open after sunset and the hoisting of a flag that is
worn or frayed."

"I am aware that observance of the guidelines is a matter for each individual
because there are no statutory requirements. However, it is only reasonable to
expect that the National Flag would be treated at all times with appropriate respect
by those who use it", added Councillor Sheahan.

The protocol for the flying of the flag contains 23 guidelines relating to its
display, placing and precedence. Among them is the ruling that the National Flag is
displayed in the open only between sunrise and sunset, except on the occasion of
public meetings, processions, or funerals, when it may be displayed for the duration
of such functions.

"This is one guideline that is commonly disregarded, whether it be unintentionally
or knowingly", stated Councillor Sheahan.

The Cathaoirleach continued, "Should you drive through any village or town in
Ireland after sunset you will see incidences of the Irish National Flag being
displayed. Furthermore, flags that have been erected to celebrate sports events,
National Holidays, festivals and commemorations, often remain attached to buildings
and other structures for weeks on end. It is especially disheartening to see the
National Flag touching the ground, trailing in water or becoming entangled in trees
or other obstacles."

Councillor Sheahan said that the Government should consider developing a media
campaign aimed at educating Irish citizens about the guidelines and the importance
of respecting the National Flag.

He added that the Department of Education and Science should also contemplate ways
of educating children about the guidelines.

"There is no doubting the patriotism of Irish people at home and abroad when it
comes to celebrating their nationality. However, it is disappointing to hear
visitors to Ireland comment about the many examples of disrespect for the National
Flag. I would appeal to people to view the guidelines for displaying the Irish
Tricolour on the Office of An Taoiseach's website", concluded Councillor Sheahan.


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is available for interview.
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