Sage and Java technology merger

Released on: April 26, 2008, 6:49 am

Press Release Author: Open Merchant Acount Ltd

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Sage is a producer of accountancy software, which, through a
technology merger between to software companies, Open Merchant Account Ltd, and
EZ-JCom, have produced a bridge between Java technology and Sage Accountancy.

Press Release Body: Sage is one of the world\'s largest Accountancy software firms,
with a userbase of over 5.5 Million users. Java has a user base of over 4.5 million
developers worldwide. Before now, there existed no bridge between the two
communities, now there is.

Open Merchant Account Ltd, an Iirsh based software company, has teamed up with
EZ-JCom, a US based technology firm, to provide a bridge between the Sage software,
and the Java development platform. This means that for the first time, Java
developers will be able to integrate their software with the Sage Accountancy

EZ-JCom has been specialized for many years in a software technology that bridges
the standard windows component model (COM) with the cross-platform Java Language. It
has many blue-chip clients under its belt, including, BMW, Boeing, Cisco, Hitachi,
and others.

Open Merchant Account Ltd, has been developing software for integrating Sage with
the Windows development framework, .NET, for several years, and it seemed a natural
progression to extend this offering to the wider JAVA development community. The
simplest path to market, was through a shared technology venture with EZ-JCom. The
deal involves a shared licensing model, allowing both companies to independently
operate within the joint venture.

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