Voters Demand United Democratic Ticket

Released on: April 5, 2008, 3:23 pm

Press Release Author: Bianca Sultana PR

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Online petition seeks to unite Hillary Clinton and Barack
Obama on a joint \"Dream Team\" Democratic ticket.

Press Release Body: NEW YORK - In an effort to stop the bloodletting in the
Democratic Party's nomination process, the Together We Will Coalition has launched
an online petition to demand a joint ticket. Within two weeks of going live on the
internet, hundreds of voters have already signed the petition demanding that the two
leading campaigns merge to form a "Dream Team" ticket.

Coalition founder Jesse Sommer, in acknowledging the widespread respect for both
Democratic candidates, said he would be happy if either Barack Obama or Hillary
Clinton took the nomination: "I'm enthralled by them both, and until recently
accepted as fact that one of them would be leading the country in less than a year."

But when he grew concerned over the increasingly polarized Democratic electorate,
Sommer gathered a team to combat the emerging fear: that a fractured party would
hand the presidency back to the Republicans. The petition calls for the Clinton and
Obama campaigns to join forces immediately.

"We must demonstrate to the country that we, as voters, are committed to the
Democratic Party regardless of who bears the banner," Sommer says of the petition: Citing a recent Gallup poll showing Republican
presidential nominee John McCain as the nation's favored candidate, Sommer says it
is the responsibility of voters to keep their eyes on the big picture.

"Democrats have a tendency to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory. We
must dispense with the hysteria, and leave the infighting to the candidates."
Sommer's approach is pragmatic: "I'm committed to the policy, not the person. And
the policies are virtually indistinguishable. In signing this petition, voters are
saying that either Clinton or Obama would be capable of repudiating and rescuing the
country from the failed policies of the 43rd Administration."

Sommer believes most Democrats have not been distracted by their Party's horserace,
and that the Coalition's petition offers them an opportunity to prove their loyalty
to both candidates. "Our unity is imperative to highlighting the failures of the
Republican Party," he said. "If Democrats insist on playing favorites, the GOP will
sneak away with an unrivaled record of corruption convictions, scandalous
resignations, mismanaged wars, special interests, fiscal incompetence, and
environmental degradation."

While the petition encourages Obama and Clinton to unite so as to avoid tearing the
Party apart, it also emphasizes that a Clinton-Obama / Obama-Clinton ticket would be
the ultimate political force. (The petition is careful not to suggest a preference
as to who leads the ticket.) Sommer says he is excited by the prospect that Hillary
Clinton and Barack Obama might lead the country together, breaking two barriers

"Electing our first black or woman president would be a national victory," says
Sommer, a 2005 graduate of Wesleyan University. "But I'm opposed to reducing the
historical significance of this election to such simple terms. This is neither a
race war nor a feminist battle; it's not about my personal preference for president.
It's a fight for the greater good of the country. Without question, the person for
the job lies among the Democrats."

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