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Released on: May 25, 2008, 2:36 am

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Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: IQ Inspections, the US owned Factory Audit and Inspections
Company, provides excellent pre-shipment inspections and services to your off-shore
production assets. The company has also recently launched its marine and cargo
inspections services. Along with these services IQ Inspections announces the
development of their India Technical Center.

Press Release Body: York, South Carolina, USA 25th May: IQ Inspections is a unique
site; it is a U.S. owned factory audit and inspections company servicing offshore
locations to improve outsourcing strategies. The company basically provides all
services from pre-shipment inspections to detailed process audits of production
capabilities that include checking, verifying and authenticating offshore
production. The goods and products manufactured, by current suppliers, are inspected
through pre-shipment inspections, container loading checks, laboratory testing
services, etc.

IQ Inspections also provides research potential to suppliers through factory audits,
social accountability audits, C-TPAT audits, RoHS checks, dispute resolution /
negotiations, tooling progress reports, first article reports, and initial
production checks etc. They also follow-up on new programs with suppliers as well as
do in-process engineering audits/inspections. The company has also recently started
providing excellent marine and cargo inspections services.

If you have a problem with the production of products, IQ Inspections will be on
site to inspect and correct the manufacturing defects. They also provide handling of
multiple SKUs, retail work, centralized consolidation, shipping, and warehousing. IQ
Inspections also works with the wholesale as well as direct internet sales.

IQ Inspection provides its services in the following products:-

Mechanical Items (Metal & Plastic)
Apparel, Garments, Textiles, Linens
Machinery / Components / Spare Parts
Automotive Aftermarket
Marine Equipment / Fittings / Hardware
Electronics / Medical
Musical Instruments
Sporting Goods / Camping Equipment
Toys & Giftware, Household Goods / Appliances
And Many More Items

IQ Inspections inspects all types of factories and products. They function to make
the experience easier for companies to work overseas by providing their professional
services. Their excellent, experienced staff has a vast reservoir of knowledge in
covering mechanical components, apparel, textiles, electronics, machinery, furniture
and many other items. The local operations personnel are well trained and highly
experienced at providing services to improve the quality of your products, supply
chain reliability and timely shipments.

With International Quality Inspections, companies are able to keep products
competitive and shipped correctly, therefore, building a positive reputation between
companies and their customers. By giving IQ Inspections the opportunity to do the
work, on behalf of your company, they will provide you with their highly qualified
services. With their help you will notice improved supply chain reliability, a
reduction in the number and cost of defects, problems are solved before product
shipment. You will also notice cost savings on travel expenses, freight, and


Web Site:

Contact Details: International Quality Inspections, LLC
4866 Spratt Rd., York, South Carolina 29745

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