Markwei Boye, CPA, Financial Planner and Tax Consultant, Holder of Multiple Licenses and Degrees Provides Top-Notch Payroll Service for Companies of all Sizes

Released on: May 3, 2008, 8:28 pm

Press Release Author: Right Now Marketing Group

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Presenting the top ten reasons for outsourcing payroll.

Press Release Body: Ferndale, MI--Running a business is a lot of work. People
depend on their employers to pay them for their work. Next to profitability, a
business owner's main concern is making payroll. Accounting, tax work and mastering
payroll software and keeping current on complex tax rules and regulations is very
time consuming, leaving business owners less time to focus on the core of their
business. Markwei Boye's payroll service does all the work involved in payroll
processing so his clients can focus on operating a profitable business.

"I had lunch with Markwei Boye last week; he explained why his service was
invaluable to business owners," said Mark Maupin, a business associate and friend.
Markwei shared his top ten reasons to outsource payroll service:

. Liability-A payroll service provider absorbs the risk; if they make a mistake,
they absorb the cost.
. Taxes-IRS reports show that 1/3 of employers has been charged for tax-related
payroll errors equating to billions of dollars in penalties; Markwei Boye keeps
clients out of these situations.
. Affordability-Consider the cost of computer equipment, software and extensive
training required to run payroll internally, not to mention the processing time that
can be spent on revenue-producing activities for the business. A payroll service
saves time and money.
. Profitability-Remember why you went into business in the first place; it wasn't so
you could spend tedious hours calculating payroll and generating timely reports to
the IRS. Outsource your payroll and get back to your business.
. Time-Business owners have better things to do with their time; getting paychecks
out on time and generating timely reports and tax deposits to the IRS is a positive
reflection of one's company.
. Accuracy-Payroll service professionals will see to the accuracy of handling all
aspects of payroll processing. Even the simplest error can result in stiff
penalties and unhappy employees.
. Privacy-It can be embarrassing and detrimental to the morale of a company when
confidential information is seen by the wrong eyes; confidentiality is easily
maintained with a payroll service when employees use direct deposit.
. Reporting-Keep records need and concise with a wide array of standard, easy to
read reports.
. Flexibility-As business changes, so do payroll needs. Don't get bogged down with
the nuts and bolts of personnel changes; leave that to the experts while you run
your business.
. Professionalism-Outsourcing payroll processing enhances a successful image of your
business while showing employees that your company is professional and secure.

Smart Business International, PLLC provides all these services at an all-inclusive
rate; Contact them for a free consultation today.

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