Released on: May 31, 2008, 10:23 pm

Press Release Author: The Akurians

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: You are about to view a scene of unimaginable horror.

Press Release Body: This picture is provided for those in search of REAL Spiritual
Truth and Knowledge. The flames of this Picture of Souls Burning in Hell are filled
with images of entities in extreme agony. For spiritual protection, we embedded the
Akurian Emblem of crossed Golden Lightning Bolts with the name \"AKU\" centered in the
Eye of The Most High in the flames to ensure that nobody, not even Lucifer, Himself,
can use these images for any unholy invocation.

There are no animals, domesticated or wild of any kind, burning anywhere in the
Depths of Hell. It is a scene from the Third Depth, Hadesse (HA-DESS-EE), and
things only get worse as one descends into the Lower Realms of Gehenna
(GEH-HEN-NAH), Heleeah (HE-LEE-AH), Hapurdom (HAH-PUR-DOM) and the very bottom,
Perditon, pronounced PER-DISH-ON.

You will see images of Demons, Nefilim - the Biblical \"Watchers,\" -
extraterrestrials and humans in those flames, as The Most High IS Lord God Of All
Creation, and not just this ball of kak Jew manipulated dirt. All are burning and
will until Final Judgment. The open mouths are emitting the most horrendous
screams, begging forgiveness, mercy, a chance to \"go back and tell the others,\" et
cetera, all of which go unheard by The Most High.

In these Infernal Realms many things can occupy the same space at the same time,
like the crossing of several light beams, something not uncommon in the realms of
Eternal Horror and is but one of the punishments reserved here for the damned,
entities can merge with others in an increasing of the agonies. To see one entity
and then another in the same location, one being a part of the other, is NOT your
imagination, it\'s the way things really are in those Realms of Perpetual Agony.

You can enlarge any area to study in greater detail. Changing perspective or
distance often presents additional levels of images not seen otherwise. If you see
images of the dead you recognize, make sure, you may very well be right! Composites
of this Picture of Souls Burning in Hell began in 2000 with final assembly in early
May 2008. Some images are historically ancient, some very recent.

There are some once-high-and-mighty entities there: socialists, marxists,
communists, fascists, politicians, legislators, elected officials, bureaucrats,
traitors; conspirators, manipulators, war mongerers, profiteers, corrupters,
accountants; railroaders, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, police officers; child
abusers, child molesters, child rapists; journalists, physicians, pharmacists;
entertainers, smugglers, drug addicts, manufacturers, dealers, financiers,
importers, exporters, money launderers; thieves, murderers, adulterers, racial
supremacists, bullies, street punks, pimps, harlots, racemixers, homosexual
perpetrators; hallelujah halfwits, Christians, Muslims, Canaanites, Cushites,
Levites, Jews, Gentiles, Infidels, Heathen, Pagans, blasphemers, false prophets,
deceivers, braying spiritualists, sorcerers, witches, satanists, the evil, the vile,
the wicked, the corrupt, the vain, the fools, the ignorant, the stupid, the demonic
deluded, the demon possessed, demon worshipers along side \'holier than thou\'
sidewalk-arm-grabbers, members of false churches, storefront religions, programmed
idiots, crackpot healers, phony psychics, teachers, instructors, theologians,
rabbis, imams, clerics, ministers, priests, preachers and other liars, who are now
paying the Eternal Dues for their damnations.

There are many more like them alive today who are not going to escape either.

The images present a glimpse of what the Depths of Hell beneath all the earths are
really like, especially for those who think they are immune from their violations of
Holy Law, even if they are ignorant of it or are just following
\'what-the-preacher-said.\' In Final Judgment, The Most High is not going to ask \'the
preacher\' about you, he is going to ask YOU!

To read \"The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!\" free online, go to The Akurians,
follow the links and learn all the Holy Truths that expose the deliberate damned
lies about the coming horrors, non-existent \'rapture\' and Tribulations of TOTAL
Global Enslavement; who is responsible, where you fit in the picture and answers to
many other Ancient Mysteries and Spiritual Secrets.

Here in all its Horror is the

* http://www.theakurians.com/access.htm (Picture)

* http://youtube.com/watch?v=SveSLWJGzto (Video Presntation)

The Akurians.

Web Site: http://www.theakurians.com

Contact Details: Post Office Box 3456
Albuquerque, NM 87190 USA
Tel: 505-796-4651

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