Smart Business International, PLLC Payroll Service-Relief from Payday Headaches in only 5 Minutes a Week

Released on: May 3, 2008, 8:24 pm

Press Release Author: Right Now Marketing Group

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: There is only one right way to write your paychecks.Don't!

Press Release Body: Detroit, MI-Markwei Boye, of Smart Business PLLC, offers a full
service, online payroll system for business owners to utilize for processing their
payroll. His staff of professionals will assist in setting up the service so a
business owner can process payroll in only 5 minutes per pay period.

In a recent interview Markwei explained why this is a necessary service, even for
small companies with few employees. "Processing payroll requires 54 steps, eating
up 40 to 60 hours each year, even for two-employee companies. This is tedious work
that requires constantly updating records, printing checks, and answering employee
questions," Boye explains. "We guarantee 100% accuracy in processing payroll and
filing necessary reports to the IRS. We meet all deadlines so you won't have IRS
penalties hanging over your head. If we make a mistake, you don't pay," says Boye.

Markwei Boye provides services including free set-up; check stock, file changes and
tax reports. In addition, he offers a free, confidential, no-obligation analysis
and consultation, easy to read employee and company reports, assistance and advice
on all payroll concerns, and next day payroll preparation and turnaround.

Each payroll period, clients receive ready to sign payroll checks, detailed employee
payroll stubs, and a wage-detail report showing gross and net spreadsheet totals for
each employee. Markwei will also provide bookkeeping journal entries for accounting
records and special reports such as job cost or departmental, among others. The
service provided is customized to the unique needs of each client.

Each month, clients receive Form 941 and 940 payroll tax deposits as required,
monthly state withholding tax deposits as required, and month to date accounting
journal entries.

Each quarter, clients receive prepared and ready to sign 941 quarterly tax returns,
state unemployment and withholding tax returns and city and local tax reports and
payroll deposits as required.

Each year, clients will receive reconciled and prepared employee W-2's, 1099's and
transmittal forms and reconciled, ready to sign state withholding reports.

Markwei Boye holds an Enrolled Agent designation -- a specialized license earned by
individuals who have passed a rigorous examination administered by the IRS and has
shown technical competency in all levels of federal taxation. Besides being a tax
professional, he is also a financial advisor and owns Smart Financial Advisors,
P.L.L.C, an independent personal financial planning and investment advisory firm.
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