8 Ways to Tell if Your House has a Water Leak from the Water Damage Team

Released on: June 4, 2008, 2:47 pm

Press Release Author: water damage team

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Sometimes you can have a leak in your house for months
without ever knowing. Follow these tips from the Water Damage Team to find out if
you have a leak before its too late.

Press Release Body: Wake Forest, NC - Do not let a water leak turn into a disaster,
follow these 8 ways to tell if your house has a water leak from the Water Damage

"If there is a leak in your house then you need to do something about it
immediately," claims David Beavers, of the Water Damage Team. "Small water leaks can
very quickly turn into thousands of dollars in repair bills. So it is essential to
monitor your house for potential leaks."

1. Walk Around
Take a walk around your house, does the grass in your yard have puddles or large wet
spots? These may be indications of a water leak.

2. Follow the Money
Compare your water utilities bill with past bills to see if it is larger than usual.

3. Look at your Water Meter
Once you've located your meter, check the red flow indicator to see if it's moving a
lot. If it is, you may have a leak.

4. Perform a Leak Check
Check the water meter before you leave the house, when no one else is going to be
home for a while using water. After an hour or two, check the meter again. If it's
gone down, you have a leak.

5. Check the Bathroom
Now that you've located your meter, you can check for leaks within the home. Turn
off each toilet in the house one by one, checking the meter each time. If the red
flow indicator is moving, it is not that toilet.

6. Turn off Sprinklers
If the problem is not one of your toilets, try the same thing with your sprinklers.

7. Last Resort
If you still haven't found the leak, shut of the main water supply to your home and
check the meter. Turn on a faucet to make sure there is no water flowing inside the
home, then check the meter. If it\'s still moving, the leak is most likely between
the shutoff valve and the water meter.

8. Don't make it Worse
Many leaks in the home are easy to fix yourself. Don't get in over your head though,
if you find a leak you're not sure how to repair, call a professional.

Web Site: http://www.waterdamageteam.com

Contact Details: The Water Damage Team is a nation wide disaster restoration
company, with years of experience in water removal and water drying. As well as
storm damage clean up, contaminated water removal of all levels, structural drying,
debris removal and mold remediation. Our water damage restoration specialist are
trained and certified in all of the industries standards and techniques. At the
Water Damage Team we understand that rapid response is key to preventing any
additional loss, so our specialist are available to answer calls and response 24
hours a day 7 days a week. Call 1-800-533-0626 for immediate assistance.

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