Advertising to the Trucking Industry with Pay Per Click Ads Brings Success for Advertisers

Released on: June 23, 2008, 9:21 am

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Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: The premier web site used primarily by truckers and shippers
in the transportation and trucking industry offers pay per click (PPC) advertising
to help advertisers directly target this lucrative market.

Press Release Body: Indiana, PA - Pay per click (PPC) advertising on
enables advertisers to target truckers and shippers who use the premier Internet
portal for the transportation industry.

Trucking company owner Scott Elgin began in 1995. The site
has long been established as the place for truckers and shippers to meet to find
load boards, trucking jobs, hot shot freight load boards, pilot cars, and a place to
buy and sell trucking equipment.

"Placing your ad in our popular trucking industry directories is easy and quick.
Instead of paying a fixed cost regardless of how many visitors click to your site,
with our pay per click listings, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad on our
site and goes to your web site. Prices start at just 5 cents per click, a bargain by
anyone's standards," explained Elgin.

Advertisers who offer products and services to the transportation industry want to
get the best use of their advertising budget by placing their ads directly where
their primary prospects will be found. PPC advertising on provides
targeted advertising to a qualified group of prospects.

PPC advertising offers greater advertising budget control. Advertisers determine the
number of desired clicks and set the limit in advance. Unlike traditional
advertising that is based on a set fee, PPC is based on results. Advertisers only
pay for actual traffic, and because that traffic comes from a trucking web site it
is an excellent source of highly qualified potential customers.

It is also possible to test the results of various advertising, and then make
changes and adjustments to improve response rate. PPC advertising measurable
results, enabling refinements that can be made on a regular basis.

"Truckers and shippers look to us to save money on the cost of moving goods across
the country, and advertisers look to us to get their messages to those truckers and
shippers for the best price as well," said Elgin.

Elgin is the author of \"Cost Per Mile,\" and \"Profit Per Mile\". He has owned a medium
sized trucking company for over 25 years.

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Scott Elgin

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