Environmental Well Sealing New Product Announcement

Released on: June 11, 2008, 10:27 am

Press Release Author: John A. Collins

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: AquaBlok Introduces HolePlug+TM - The Industry's First
Annular Sealant Materials to Provide Pollution Prevention and Improved Performance
over Coated Bentonite Pellets

Press Release Body: AquaBlok, Ltd., manufacturers of innovative clay-based composite
materials, is proud to announce the introduction of a new family of annular well
sealant materials that benefit from the company's patented delivery system for
bentonite sealant materials.

HolePlug+ annular sealants combines two well-established and proven technologies;
zero-valent iron (ZVI) and bentonite to form a unique ability to help minimize the
potential for cross-contamination of surficial ground water zones along annular
spaces and also to minimize the potential for "rebound" - the post-absorption
release of contaminants trapped by the bentonite seal in environmental monitoring
wells. HolePlug+ is easy to handle/apply (See Figure 1 below) and is packaged in
either 50lb. plastic pails or paper bags.

AquaBlok's patented composite particle consists of an aggregate core, coated in
bentonite and amended with a small amount of zero valent iron treatment material.

Problem Statement

In constructing an environmental monitoring well, a low-permeability, hydraulic seal
is required to minimize the potential for vertical transfer of contaminated ground
water or surface water contaminants along the well's annular space. In addition,
standard bentonite grout materials will absorb low levels of contaminants, only to
release these constituents later. This can result in false positive readings
causing significant added expense and time to monitoring programs. In addition,
creating and maintaining a positive seal above the sand/screen interval is important
to prevent transfer of contaminants such that pollutant migration does not
contaminate adjacent aquifers.

What Makes HolePlug+ Better

Two important advantages are provided by Hole Plug+ product. First, bridging is
minimized due to the more dense aggregate core of the bentonite particle (greater
mass) and the characteristic delayed hydration time. Second, the reactive material
contained in the HolePlug+ will both minimize the potential for contaminant rebound
within an environmental monitoring well, but also provide some level of pollution
prevention. The reactive nature of the amended sealant is such that organic
compounds that partition into the sealant can be destroyed. Inorganic compounds,
which tend to migrate along the preferred path of the boreholes or engineered
structures, will also be effectively sequestered, thereby minimizing extended or

Impact/Reactivity of HolePlug+ with Groundwater
Independent lab tests were performed to assess the potential impact on groundwater
chemistry from the use of HolePlug+ or standard HolePlug products. Leachability in
a simulated well/annular environment was tested. Comparison was made to a control,
where no sealant was used. The conclusion confirmed that HolePlug and HolePlug+
perform as well or better to other currently commercially available well sealant

Available Products and Pricing

HolePlug+ is available in either 50lb. plastic pails or paper bags and can be
purchased in pallet quantities. For much larger quantity requirements, HolePlug
products can also be supplied in FIBC bulk bags of approximately 2,500lb. size.

Pricing for standard bentonite HolePlug and amended HolePlug+ is substantially below
equivalent bentonite pellets costs. Specific pricing is available upon request and
is dependent on quantity purchased.

About AquaBlok, Ltd.

AquaBlok, Ltd. is a manufacturer of composite (clay-based) materials utilizing its
patented coating and amendment approach. The company has a long history in the
environmental industry and a range of products utilized in sediment remediation
technologies. AquaBlok utilizes its delivery system in a range of other products
including, pond and industrial impoundment sealing, as seep collars on piping, to
construct cut-off walls in porous soil conditions, flood control applications (i.e.
levee and dam protection), and to deliver organoclay-based materials. In addition,
AquaBlok is a licensee of Halliburton's Bariod Division for the BaraclearŪ algae
treatment product.

Web Site: http://www.aquablokinfo.com

Contact Details: AquaBlok, Ltd.
3401 Glendale Ave, Suite 300
Toledo, OH 43614

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