Markwei Boye Shares Tips on Hiring a Payroll Accounting Service to Handle Employee Payroll Checks and Payroll Taxes in Brighton, Michigan

Released on: June 2, 2008, 2:59 pm

Press Release Author: Right Now Marketing Group

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Everyone wants to sell their payroll service-Markwei Boye
teaches how to hire one with a free 14-Point Buyer's Scorecard

Press Release Body: Brighton, MI--Markewi Boye, CEO of Smart Business International,
PLLC, offers nationwide service in payroll processing. In a recent interview, he
explained, "the price you pay for a payroll service is important; but quite
honestly, it\'s the least amount of risk you\'ll have with a payroll service." Mr.
Boye went on to discuss the items often overlooked and common mistakes made by small
business owners who attempt to process their own payroll. "Each year 40% of small
businesses pay an average penalty of $845 for improperly filing their payroll taxes.
And, they overpay state and federal unemployment insurance by $1.45 million each
year!" Mr. Boye exclaims.

A business's valuable time is also an issue to consider when deciding to hire a
payroll service. Markwei Boys says, "Processing payroll requires 54 steps and eats
up between 40 to 60 hours each year, even for two-employee companies; it's tedious
work that requires constantly updating records, printing checks and answering
employee questions," Markwei explains.

Markwei Boye has created a 14-point buyer's scorecard to help companies determine if
the payroll service they're considering is the right one to use. The scorecard
outlines the 14 questions to ask before hiring a payroll service. Here are a few
questions you should ask: Does your payroll service offer any type of accuracy or
performance guarantee? What does your payroll conversion process look like and what
can I expect if I switch my payroll processing to you? Is your payroll service
insured? A free report containing all 14 questions can be found at

Markwei Boye's company, Smart Business International, PLLC, has quickly become one
of the most recommended payroll services in Southeast Michigan, by many CPAs &
business professionals. They help their clients reduce the confusion and expense of
processing their own payroll by educating them on what features are best for their
business and budget.

Secondly, and more importantly, they show their clients how to make their business
more money by addressing employee compliance issues, hidden tax liabilities and even
under-leveraged IRS rulings. Markwei Boye explains all the things that add and
subtract profits from business.
Visit to learn more.


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