OBS doo adds Mondial Assistance to its Partners

Released on: June 23, 2008, 12:40 am

Press Release Author: Maude Choquette

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: The Mondial Assistance Group, a worldwide leader in travel
insurance, signed last week an exclusive three-year contract with the company OBS

Press Release Body: Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 23, 2008 - This new partnership
created, OBS is proud to now offer a broader spectrum of products to the clients
using its booking platform GoGoSKI.com and the soon to come MountVacation.com.

Strong of decades of experience, the Mondial Assistance Group is present in dozens
of countries all over the world. It provides its corporate partners with tailor-made
solutions, and their insurance customers with seamless, real time assistance. Dr.
Paul Stuchetz, the head of the International Division at Mondial Assistance, adds:
\"Gone are the days when people booked their vacations carelessly, without thinking
about travel insurance. Client of OBS d.o.o. will surely find that our products are
a great addition to the vacation package they just chose on GoGoSKI.com or

GoGoSKI.com and MountVacation.com ( http://www.mountvacation.com ) are among the
first internet catalogues and booking platforms specialized in mountain tourism, and
they already make life easier both for mountain tourism clients and for mountain
accommodation providers. The mountain lovers find a vast offer of mountain
accommodations on a unique multilingual site, safe and very simple to use. The
accommodation managers also find a free, flexible and uncomplicated service.
According to Dejan Romih, CEO of OBS d.o.o.: \"We believe that offering the Mondial
Assistance insurance products to GoGoSKI.com\'s and MountVacation.com\'s customers
will make our booking platforms even more attractive, and both companies will
certainly profit from that partnership.\"

Dusan Gustin, product manager for OBS d.o.o., also thinks the partnership with
Mondial Assistance Group is a great addition to the company\'s offer: \"Mountain
tourism includes many high risk activities, and people are more and more aware of
the importance to subscribe to a complete travel insurance, including a medical
insurance. Our customers will soon be able to book their ideal mountain vacations
online and get the travel insurance corresponding to their needs from a trusted
insurer, all on one website and for a good price. Everybody wins.\" OBS d.o.o. and
Mondial Assistance will make people win even more by giving away 150 insurance
packages, to promote their new partnership.

OBS d.o.o. has built GoGoSKI.com, the first mountain resort online catalogue and
booking system, and will soon be launching MountVacation.com. Founded in November
2007 by Dejan Romih, the company has won many awards, among which are the Best
Business Plan 2007 Competition organized by the main business institutions of
Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the company\'s offices are located, and the Best Business
Idea competition organized by the newspaper Finance. It is also one of the most
promising startup companies, which are members of L.U.I. and it received investments
from the Business Angels of Slovenia.
For further information contact: Maude Choquette, OBS d.o.o., at +41 44 586 03 40 or
Related websites: http://www.mountvacation.com
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Contact :
Maude Choquette
O.B.S. d.o.o.
Vojkova 63
1000 Ljubljana
+41 44 586 0340

Web Site: http://www.mountvacation.com

Contact Details: Contact :
Maude Choquette
O.B.S. d.o.o.
Vojkova 63
1000 Ljubljana
+41 44 586 0340

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