UN mandate for USA in Iraq expire January1! Is it too late for McCain with Napoleon Style Victory

Released on: June 30, 2008, 9:40 am

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Current Republican US Administration and State Department are
forgotten to tell American Voters,that UN mandate on presence US troops in Iraq
expires in December2008!
Secret Negotiations with Iraq on long term American Military Bases.

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC June30,2008)
Independent World Political Experts and Observers are very surprised to hear Long
Term Plans of both US Presidential Nominees on
American military presence in Iraq! What kind of Senators and Foreign
Policy,Natonal Security Experts are they? Did they know that USA had invited UN to
handle Everything in Iraq and received short term UN mandate on presence US troops
in Iraq? Did they know,that UN mandate expires in December2008 and under
International Laws further presence US troops in Iraq is not permitted! Nobody
invites USA to stay in Iraq!
According to International Laws Current Republican US Administration and State
Department have to start now in summer the official organized withdraw or evacuation
All US troops,equipment and Liquidation All American Military Bases to finish before
December 31,2008!
Breaking News for American Voters. Current Republican US Administration and State
Department are hiding from Americans on last pages of newspapers and media their
Negotiations with Iraq government on the American Military Bases number, status
other details of 100 year American military presence in this country!
Did American Voters
ask US Administration to do negotiations for long term American Military Bases? Did
US Taxpayers agree to pay for War in Iraq? Where is Referendum and Vote on continue
or not War in Iraq? Did US Taxpayers ask US congress to approve War appropriation
To the Total Shame of Current Republican US Administration and State Department
with policies on 50 years presence in South Korea, this long term country USA ally
had banned import on all american beef.
South Korea sample shows, that 50 years Military presence is most Expensive and
Totally wrong way to support alliances and protect USA National Interests!
Who told US Administration,Exxon,Chevron,BP, Texaco, ConocoPhilips about possibility
of control and manipulation the level of Oil Production, import and World Oil Prices
in Free,sovereign and independent Iraq by 50 years Military presence?
To information of American Voters any negotiated now agreements by Current
Republican US Administration will be here to stay for number of years during New US
And it would be no matter on Democrat or Republican will be in White House in
January 21,2009!
Who have said,that Oil will be Cheaper? Who have said US gasoline will be cheaper?
Who have said to ,that American Voters,that any Amounts of squeezed from Iraq oil
will reach US refineries?
US Administration,Exxon,Chevron,BP, Texaco, ConocoPhilips are silent on those
and many other questions. Nobody should trust those companies! US
Administration promissed to American Voters in 2003,that Trillions Dollars
on War and Help for Iraq will be compensated,paid back by Iraq from Oil
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