Author releases images taken from inside UFO

Released on: July 15, 2008, 12:30 pm

Press Release Author: Maria van Santen / TheHotStory PR

Industry: Aerospace

Press Release Summary: Taken on board an alien craft in 1988, author Miriam Delicado
retains conscious memories of the abduction. Shortly after this experience, she
sketched images and prepared detailed descriptions of the inside of the craft.
Miriam also vividly recalls the messages of peace the beings gave her which bear
remarkable resemblance to the Hopi prophecies.

Press Release Body: (July 2008 - Vancouver, Canada) It was an ordinary day in
1988, but the events of that day would dramatically change the life of 22 year old
Miriam Delicado. Following a week of visiting friends, Delicado and the four other
occupants of the car were driving back to their home in Vancouver, Canada.

As they drove through the night, Delicado and the passenger who was driving, noted
lights behind them from a vehicle that seemed to be traveling at a very fast speed.
The gap between the two vehicles quickly lessened, but the other vehicle never
passed the car Delicado was riding in. The lights in themselves were odd. They
were not typical lights as would normally be seen on an automobile. They were much
larger and round and so bright that neither Delicado nor the driver were able to
distinguish the vehicle following them.

For the next two hours, the lights intermittently appeared, then rapidly
disappeared, most notably when a car was approaching from the opposite direction or
when they were passing through a small town. By this point, Delicado and the
driver were becoming increasingly unnerved and somewhat frightened.

Finally, much to her surprise, Delicado heard herself yelling to the driver to pull
the car over. When the driver refused, Delicado vehemently insisted and reached for
the steering wheel. As she did so, she noted that the driver had fallen into a
trance-like state. Suddenly, the car was engulfed in a bright white light. Turning
to the back seat, Delicado noted that the three passengers in the back were all
lying still as if in a drug-induced state. Delicado was the only one who remained

As if she had no control over what she was doing, Delicado stepped out of the car
and stood motionless by the side of the road as six tall blond aliens approached
her. Two of the aliens took Delicado by the hand and led her into their craft,
where she spent the next few hours.

The messages the aliens passed on to her are remarkably similar to Hopi prophecies.
They spoke in a language, using telepathy, that Delicado only came to realize nearly
two decades later was like that of the Hopi.

Her recently released book Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy details this first
experience and subsequent contact with the aliens as well as the messages they
passed on to her.
In addition to her book, Delicado has also released the images of the interior of
the craft that she had sketched two years after her experience.

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