Released on: July 29, 2008, 8:46 am

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Press Release Summary: Costa Rica has inaugurated its 28th national park, Los Quetzales, which is located 76 miles outside of San Jose. The new addition of Los Quetzales as a national park has increased Costa Rica\'s protected territory from 25 to 26%. This is just the latest in Costa Rica\'s commitment in becoming a global leader in environmental conservation.

New park aims to expand Costa Rica\'s commitment to protect it\'s wildly biodiverse land and its species.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, July 28, 2008 - After three years as a reserve, Costa Rica has declared The Quetzales region as a national park, the 28th in the country. Made up of over 4,000 acres of land and located 76 miles away from San Jose, the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy has inaugurated Los Quetzales as part of their dedication to increasing the amount of forest area and flora and fauna that are environmentally protected in the country. Formerly known as Reserva Los Santos, Los Quetzales is named after the unique and exquisite emerald-green and ruby-red quetzal bird which lives high in the canopies of the Talamanca Hills.

Created in 2005 through a government decree, Los Quetzales measures approximately 2,800 meters high and is located in one of the rainiest parts of the country. After making some upgrades in infrastructure and logistical adjustments, it has opened as Costa Rica\'s 28th national park. Among some of the endangered species located here are the quetzal, puma, jaguar and tapir. Additionally, the park is home to three types of forests and 14 ecosystems.

Famously known for its commitment to environmental awareness, Costa Rica has dedicated over 3 million acres, or 26% of its territory, to the conservation of the wildlife that calls this beautiful country their home. The new Quetzales National Park will not only help to protect the diverse wildlife in this area, but it will also allow the flourishing flora of oak trees to continue to grow without being in danger of becoming extinct.

The Quetzales National Park owes its extreme biodiversity to the seven different levels of altitude which house 25 different local species, 116 types of mammals and wetlands such as seasonal lagoons from the glacial era. By working together, the local communities and the Costa Rica Tourist Board strive to preserve this and other lands in the country, thus which will create creating exciting eye-opening tours that will allow visitors to experience the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer.

Costa Rica only accounts for .01% of the Earth\'s surface but its location allows it to maintain a rich land that houses 3% of the world\'s biodiversity and 3.5% of the Earth\'s marine life. Among the array of fascinating creatures that can be seen in Costa Rica are various species of monkeys, big cats, tapirs, the three-toed sloth and a plethora of birds, reptiles and rare frogs. Mountain ranges, rainforests, active volcanoes, cloud forests and the beautiful Cocos Island are just a few of the diverse landscapes for which the country is famous.

Under the guidance of President Oscar Arias, Costa Rica has become a world leader in the quest for environmental sustainability. With a goal of achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2020, Costa Rica is at the forefront of the environmental movement.


About Costa Rica
Costa Rica is located in Central America, nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, and bordered on the east by the Caribbean Sea and the west by the Pacific Ocean. This small country represents only .01 % of the planet\'s surface and it shelters almost 4% of the existing world\'s biodiversity. It has given priority to the conservation of its natural resources, protecting 26% of its national territory through the creation of National Parks and other natural areas.

The country also offers world-class eco-tourism and adventure travel. The options are unlimited for any discriminating traveler: horseback riding on a secluded beach; hiking through the lush whispering greenery of a rainforest; having an exhilarating experience on a white-water rafting trip, observing the tropical forests from a canopy tour; surfing the blue waves of either coast; experiencing a quite, close encounter with different species of birds and wildlife; and enjoying the diverse culture and hospitality of the Ticos.

About the Costa Rica Tourist Board
The Costa Rica Tourist Board, created in 1955, is an autonomous institution of the State, responsible for regulating the tourism activity in Costa Rica and promoting Costa Rica\'s tourism attractions and destinations both at a national and international level. The Costa Rica Tourist Board creates tourism norms, regulations, incentives and grants the tourist declaratory for Costa Rica\'s hotels, travel agencies, rental cars and other tourism organization and service provider.

For general travel or tourism information about Costa Rica, contact the Costa Rica Tourist Board directly at 1-866-267-8274 or visit their web site at

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