Common Sense Recruitment Tools Empowers Foster Care Recruiters

Released on: July 5, 2008, 3:19 pm

Press Release Author: Doveside Promotions LLC

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: New Common Sense Self Help Manual Employs Workable \"Marketing
Strategies\" and \"Tools\" to Find Quality Foster Care Providers for Organizations
Dealing with Limited Funding

Press Release Body:


(Cleveland, Ohio) - July 05, 2008 - For years many state, county, local and private
foster care organizations have struggled with finding quality foster care providers.
Within the United States alone, there are approximately 500,000 young people in
foster care due to abuse, neglect and or abandonment. And because this number
either grow daily or remain consistent - it is more important now than ever to
employ a workable \"common sense\" plan to located quality foster care providers so
that America\'s youth can have an opportunity to lead productive lives.

Moreso, it is extremely sad that most young people coming into the foster care
system have been greatly traumatized and labeled \"special needs\". With a stereotype
such as this, small to mid-level size private foster care agencies are finding it
more difficult to secure qualified interested individuals who are willing to open
their homes to young people in need of care.

The 10 Step Training Manual \"Successfuly Recruiting Foster Care Providers\" - The
Common Sense Approach Marketing Strategies for Agencies with a Limited Budget is a
comprehensive easy to read, motivational and workable guide displaying social
marketing strategies for agency recruiters, marketing and public relations staff;
any agency that is seeking to increase traffic, inquiries, database, foster parent
network and overall operational census while spending little to no money

The 10 Step Training Manual is a lively reminder that social marketing tools must be
employed by using a common sense approach.

Experience the humor, motivation, emotions, concerns and the \"common sense approach\"
through the artistry of Recruitment Specialist and Author Kimberly F. Brown in the
10 Step Training Manual, her new self help \"easy to read\" book release through
Doveside Promotions LLC.

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Contact Details: For more information contact
Doveside Promotions LLC
Gwendolyn Dudley/Director of Operations
2681 Noble Rd Suite 2000
Cleveland, Ohio 44121

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