DBD Technology achieves commercial success trough his new Roll Forming Line

Released on: July 16, 2008, 6:53 am

Press Release Author: DBD Techology S.r.l.

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Since 1976 DBD Technology has made its primary mission
profiling lines from applied technology. This know-how is recognised all over Europe
and appreciated by the major manufacturers of sheet metal products.

Press Release Body: The design priorities of a DBD forming machine can be found in
the important production performance research, the mechanical reliability and the
set-up versatility (guaranteed by mechanical precision and computerised
The supply of forming machines designed according to the customer's requirements is
completed by a series of options to configure a combined machine or a real work
island. All the DBD Technology roll forming machines are characterised by the
integration of a vast sequence of processes in just one cycle: roll forming,
straightening, measuring and cutting, shearing.

The roll forming line offered can be further completed with manual or automatic
slave systems, such as self-centring motorised and/or braked decoilers, belt
straighteners or belt feeding devices, automatic feeders, roller units,
loading/unloading belts.

Web Site: http://www.en.dbd.it

Contact Details: Via della Pace, 7 - 31030 Dosson di Casier (TV)
Tel. +39-0422-383727 - Fax +39-0422-383755
Export Dept. Tel. 0422-380701 - Fax 0422-491009

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