Federal Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca is Finally Exonerated in 1999 Stock Fraud Case

Released on: July 17, 2008, 10:21 pm

Press Release Author: Americans For Truth

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Senior U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein dismisses all
charges against man who insists on representing himself in federal court

Press Release Body: Today it became clear that good news travels much slower than
bad as the U.S. Justice Department grudgingly admitted that after almost eight years
of stock fraud allegations and the extradition of former federal agent turned
whistleblower Bruce Gorcyca from Canada, U.S. Senior Judge Jack B. Weinstein , the
oldest sitting federal federal judge in Brooklyn, dismissed all charges against
Gorcyca on December 19, 2007 in a Brooklyn courtroom in case No. CR-07-608-JBW.
Weinstein who is both feared and loathed by federal prosecutors for his strict
enforcement of defendant's due process rights and reluctance to proceed on
circumstantial evidence gave no reasons for his decision and suggested the case
record spoke for itself. That record contains sworn affidavits from a private
investigator and others that show federal investigators never even bothered to check
Gorcyca's version of events which included nine alibi witnesses that consistently
checked out. The same private investigator further confirmed that the government's
two key witnesses never even met Gorcyca, and facing prosecution themselves were
offered a choice of implicating Gorcyca, a long-time government whistle blower, or
being prosecuted themselves. Private Investigator Ed Reiken of Toronto suggested
that "the entire case was built upon the word of a single FBI agent who resorted to
any means to justify the end of an indictment in hopes Gorcyca would just cop a
plea. Unfortunately those means included perjury and fabrication". Not
surprisingly no criminal charges were laid against the special agent who brought the
criminal complaint against Gorcyca.

Fearing that he would not be able to defend himself at a trial after three of his
key defense witnesses disappeared or were found dead under suspicious circumstances,
Gorcyca remained in Canada with his Canadian wife and children going $200,000 in
debt fighting his extradition. Reached at his Toronto home Gorcyca expressed relief
and called Judge Weinstein "A gift from God that put an end to a horrible nightmare
for my entire family".

Prior to the acquittal both the SEC and DOJ wasted no time in smearing the man with
a series of press releases that convicted him prematurely on the Internet where he
remains tainted eight years later. As usual neither agency put out any press
release about Judge Weinstein's acquittal nor the holes poked in their case by PI
Reiken and some twenty-three defense witnesses government agents never bothered to
contact, much less interview.

In a similar 2002 case, following a special FBI/SEC Operation called "Bermuda
Shorts" dozens of people were similarly arrested, tainted by government news
releases only to have more than half of the defendants to be acquitted or have
their charges dismissed. Yet all the negative allegations remain floating around on
the Internet still tainting those acquitted or otherwise cleared. Unfortunately
there are no legal provisions that ensure the public learns of exonerations - only
arrests, indictments, and convictions. Meanwhile, President Bush commutes sentences
of Scooter Libby, grants immunity to Telco executives and pardoned over seventy-five
convicted felons. This is justice American style. Perhaps this is why Gorcyca now
chooses to reside in Canada.

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