GCS is dedicated to being the Global leader in the development and provision of Credit Management and Risk Management Services

Released on: July 17, 2008, 2:23 am

Press Release Author: Global Credit Solutions (GCS)

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Global credit solution is the provider of complete solutions
for issues or problems relating to credit and risk management.

[url= http://www.gcs-group.com/] Global Credit Solution Limited (GCS) [/url], was
founded in Australia, with the formation of Total Credit Management Services Pty Ltd
in 1976, and expanded offshore to Asia, Europe, the Middle East & Gulf areas and the
Americas throughout the late 1970's and early 1980's.
Through its exclusive network of partner companies, GCS, which now operates in over
70 countries, provides premium global services to its increasing list of clients.

Press Release Body: GCS is committed to providing the highest quality international
credit risk services available. . Neil Wood, GCS Chairman, has more than 40 years of
experience in the Credit & Risk industry. In 1994 and 2000, Neil was awarded ACA
International\'s highest international honor, the \"International Fellowship Award\"

GCS provides effective, affordable & complete web solutions. They create value for
customers by leveraging many Web technologies to design, build, and deliver state of
the art products and services. Being at the forefront of Risk Management in the
fields of Credit, Trade and Business Reports, Debt Collection, Account Receivables
Management and Investigations, ensuring they utilise that advantage to enhance the
efforts of their qualified staff and achieve a pre-eminent position in the
International market place.

GCS and GCS Partners are members of
the following organisations:

 Australian Institute of Management

 Australian Institute of Credit Management

 ACA international (Formerly the American Collectors Association)

 Institute of Mercantile Agents Australia (Equivalent to CSA - UK) (Wood
served as State & National Vice President)

 Society of Certified Credit Executives (USA)

 Hong Kong Credit & Collection

Global Credit Solutions is in the process of completing its highly sophisticated
Internet online file placement and management website and its functionality can be
summarised as a powerful supply chain management that connects debtors, agents,
offices and clients. Global Credit Solutions has also invested heavily in a range of
technologies such as secure Internet transactions for debtors. The combination of
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and EFTPOS will not only ensure a competitive
advantage results for Global Credit Solutions, but the productivity gains obtained
will ensure their clients benefit by improved cashflows, and reduced collection

Being at the forefront of Credit and Risk Management, ensuring GCS utilizes
advantage to enhance the efforts of their qualified staff and achieve a pre- eminent
position in the international market places. World wide presence makes GCS a world
leader in today's global market place.

Web Site: http://www.gcs-group.com/

Contact Details: 9 Wardle Rd, Springvale South
Melbourne, Victoria 3172

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