Getting back to basics with food and taking back control

Released on: July 3, 2008, 5:38 pm

Press Release Author: nessa

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: The state of yo yo dieting in the US

Press Release Body: Getting back to basics and taking back control
The weight loss industry is a long and fairly sordid mixed bag consisting among
others of special shakes, pills, starvation, and more recently the bacon and butter
diet. This diet encourages the dieter to consume as much fatty foods as possible
and actually bans vegetables! People, in particularly women have become the diet
industry's pot of gold. The industry is making a killing, (literally, hundreds of
people in the US alone die each year from weight related illness). So with as many
options as the over weight person is presented with (low fat, low cal, sugar free)
surely we must all be skinny and happy right? Wrong. The figures presented by the
American Society of Health in 2007, report that not only are we not loosing weight,
we are in fact becoming fatter than ever before. So what's going wrong?
It seems a simple math calculation. Calories in verses calories out. In other
words if you eat 1000 calories a day and burn off the same amount, you will not gain
an ounce of weight. The problem of course is that you can easily consume your daily
allowance of calories in just one sitting and have neither the time or the
inclination to burn off those calories.
For overweight people who are embarking on a weight loss program it is worthwhile to
write down everything that is consumed per day and make sure you are burning off
those calories. This will help you from gaining any more weight, but unless you are
prepared to hit the gym in a big way, there is no way you can loose the weight you
have already stored in your body. There must be a deficit of calories to begin to
reduce the fat stored within the body. The only safe and sensible way to achieve a
successful and permanent weight reduction is to change your thinking. Give up your
yo-yo dieting and low fat chocolate shakes and go back to lean meat, vegetable's and
fruit. Be more active in your daily life and you will see results.
If you feel that you need some assistance, please look at the independent resources
available to you. Dietary supplements, need to be all natural. They are better for
you, and can be helpful in assisting the body to loose weight.
There is a few herbal dietary supplement available in the market that have had some
success in aiding weight loss. Fatblast x-treme is a popular and well known product
that has been on the market for several years. It contains chitosan ( an amino that
binds to fat in the body). Chitosan can absorb up to three to six times its weight
in fat and oils. It can help to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by your body,
though it should not be taken by anyone with a shellfish allergy. I have listed the
website below, for your interest.

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