Industrial laundry system has become more self reliant!

Released on: July 12, 2008, 10:58 am

Press Release Author: Luca

Industry: International Trade

Press Release Summary: Dreaming of a world of automation in industrial laundry
systems. Wish that all processes would be done by machines with less labor and
reduced cost. Well now its not a dream anymore, it\'s a reality. The entire process
has automated quality systems to enhance productivity.

Press Release Body: July 12th, 2008 - With onset of industrialization in laundry
system, the need for mass production with less labor at low cost to compete with
other production unit has become mandatory. Now all the people have to switch to
fully automated laundry systems. Montanari Engineering Constructions SRL, a pioneer
in designing and building manual and automatic systems for industrial laundries has
come out with a innovative solution for industrial laundry system.

For the Industrial Laundry sector, Montanari SRL provides automated solution through:

Laundry sorting and counting stations

These tools assist the laundry in the process of sorting and counting incoming
linen from its clients, both before and after the washing cycle. There are two
different versions of the piece counter that can be installed, which depend on the
work mode: manual or automatic. Their modern href=>Sorting systems for laundries have
helped to reduce the time consumed into half. Through their href=>Counting systems for laundries they
captured a bigger market share.

Gravity-operated overhead storage systems

In Industrial laundry systems, the
Overhead System is the linen storing and handling system that optimizes space
management in laundries by aerial store of goods. It offers a range of solutions
that encompass all the various phases of linen handling encountered in a laundry:

* Primary overhead system
* Secondary overhead system

Tertiary overhead system (Logistics)

Transfer shuttles between ironing press, dryer and a variety of href=>laundry solutions. Tertiary overhead
systems is used for the transportation of clean linen, which features electronic
management. The clean linen is carried on conveyor belts straight out of the
washing machine and into the sacks, and then taken to the upper level of the
gravity-operated overhead system, without the intervention of operators.

Some other process in laundry system:

* Belt conveyors for outgoing linen from dryers
* Automatic linen packing lines
* Manual and automatic linen warehousing units

Customized management software

By controlling the flow of information at all levels, the software solutions allow
clients to maintain constant control of their systems and provides them with
real-time indicators of the profitability of the various work cycles.

Montanari SRL supplies \'turnkey\' systems which are assembled and tested in the
user\'s production plants, and also provides technical assistance and maintenance
following installation: a further guarantee of the long working life for the
products they offer. They also provide some special varieties of href=>aerial storage for laundry with hi-tech
features. The company provides both automatic and manual goods handling systems
which speed up product sorting throughout the various processes performed within the
company: from checking in the goods, through the various production phases, to - at
the end of the processing - storage and dispatch.

The handling systems include:

* Belt conveyors
* Roller conveyors
* Chain conveyors
* Slat conveyors
* Telescopic conveyors

Pneumatic conveyance:
This conveyor system works by transferring substantial amounts of air through a
rigid piping circuit The \"VOLO\" system is particularly recommended in situations
where either space is limited or time is so short that traditional methods (with
trolleys, elevator hoists or belt conveyors) are inadvisable. The loading station
can be designed with fixed suction points or a collection hopper.

Montanari SRL offer the clients quality systems and solutions that enhance
productivity without breaking the budget. The materials utilized are selected by
means of accurate testing to establish resistance and traction, and are subject to
ISO standard quality controls.To further know about the company products and
technical features of it product you can log on to href=> for a complete
world of automation in the laundry systems.

Montanari Engineering Constructions S.r.l.
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Modena - Italy
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Contact Details: Montanari Engineering Constructions S.r.l.
Via Emilia Ovest n. 1123
Modena - Italy
Phone +39 (0)59 330 127

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