Kevin Powell Receives another Major Endorsement IN HIS RACE for Congress in Brooklyn- The Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City

Released on: July 14, 2008, 12:06 pm

Press Release Author: Marisa King-Redwood/The Buzz International Group

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: SDNYC, the leading voice for the LGBT Community in New York
City, has chosen to endorse LGBT-friendly candidate Kevin Powell, in his race for
the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn against incumbent Ed Towns.

Press Release Body: July 14, 2008, New York, New York- On Thursday, July 10, The
Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City (SDNYC) overwhelmingly voted to support
Kevin Powell in his bid for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn.
This endorsement reflects the growing excitement, in reform political circles, about
Powell's race against long time incumbent Ed Towns. Other major endorsements have
already come from Democracy for New York City and Central Brooklyn Independent
Democrats, and notable figures like philanthropist George Soros, feminist icon
Gloria Steinem, scholar Michael Eric Dyson, and comedian and Brooklyn native Chris
Rock. Kevin Powell's primary against Edolphus Towns will be held on Tuesday
September 9, 2008. The endorsement comes on the heels of Powell's fundraiser on
July 9th which netted him more than $50,000.

The SDNYC is a leading voice in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT)
Community in New York City. The mission of SDNYC is to advocate for legislation and
public programs that guarantee equality and fairness for the LGBT community in New
York City, and to support openly LGBT and LGBT-friendly candidates for greater
representation in the political process.

"I am deeply humbled to receive the Stonewall Democrats of New York City's
endorsement. For many years, spurred with a very simple telephone interview I did
with the late Audre Lorde in the early 1990s, I have been a committed ally of the
LGBT community. Indeed, much of my personal journey in New York City, as a
heterosexual man who has overcome his own homophobia; as a writer; and as a
political activist, has its roots in what I have learned from LGBT sisters and
brothers. From my first editor when I wrote at Vibe magazine, the landlord who took
me in when I was in dire straits, or the insufferable pain I felt at the funeral of
Shani Baraka and her lover, Rayshon Holmes, killed because they were lesbians, it
has been the kindness, vision, compassion, struggles and tragedies of the LGBT
community that have helped to sharpen for my vision for a just world. As an African
American, as a Christian, and as a direct beneficiary of the great Civil Rights
Movement, I am very clear that civil and human rights must be extended to all
Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, class, or religious
affiliation. It is our moral and political duty to do so. With the help of
organizations like Stonewall Democrats, I will be that kind of leader and that kind
of voice in Congress" -Kevin Powell

About Kevin Powell

Born in Jersey City, NJ, this long-time resident of Brooklyn is passionate about
social activism, politics, history and being an innovator and leader in the future
of this country. Powell sees a society in flux that needs strong direction,
unifying ideas and ideals. For the past several years Kevin Powell has devoted
himself to speaking and writing ardently about societal issues such as redefining
American and African American manhood away from sexism and misogyny, bringing
awareness to violence against women and girls, race and class matters that linger in
the American social fabric, and economic empowerment for all Americans. Never at
rest, Powell routinely tours the country illuminating audiences to his social
mission by speaking at a host of community events, colleges and universities, and
town hall meetings in hopes of raising awareness to these pressing challenges.

As an elected official Kevin Powell's agenda would include tackling the current
socio-political and civic challenges of his constituents and America at large, such
as fair and humane community development, education, affordable housing and
universal healthcare, immigration rights, global warming, job training and expanded
employment opportunities, and the war in Iraq. In addition, Powell would create a
synergy between politics and popular culture to reach Generation X and Y voters. "It
is time for new leadership, a new generation, to push us forward, and I want to be a
part of that wave of fresh ideas, of new visions, for these times, for the 21st
century", he says.

For more information on Kevin Powell and his platform go to

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Contact Details: Marisa King-Redwood,
Vanessa Rojas,
419 Lafayette St. 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 1003

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