Make Money At Home With Shane Woods

Released on: July 29, 2008, 4:31 am

Press Release Author: Shane Woods

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Making Money at Home is proven to work but only if you picked the right component. Shane Woods, a former waiter and 9-to-5 rat race member, has discovered the right formula that has worked for him.

Press Release Body: Oakland, TN , July 29, 2008 -- The make money at home with MLM industry is booming. It remains as one of the most competitive and lucrative businesses for beginners and experienced individuals. However, it\'s also an industry where flawed business systems are all around. According to internet superstar Shane Woods, it is just a matter of knowing which system to use and following it through.

Shane Woods - an introduction

Just over a year ago, Shane Woods would never have imagined that he would be working just a few hours each day and still make a good income annually from home. Woods spent over 10 years working in jobs in the service industry as a waiter. He also did stints as a bartender and restaurant manager.

At the peak of the make money at home craze a few years back, Woods decided to take the plunge, and try to Make Money at Home with MLM. It failed. Woods, who was born in California but settled in Tennessee, refused to give up.

\'I was a neophyte in an industry I hardly understood,\' Woods says. \'I was assured the system would work but it was not the right system for me nor was it the right system for many who came before and after me.\' Unfazed, Woods decided to consider other possibilities in the industry. To his relief, he discovered a make money at home system that not only worked, it actually paid.

\'I could say I hit the jackpot when I discovered how to crack the make money at home code,\' Woods, who now works from home, says. \'I found a system that I knew would work not just for me but for my team members as well. Now I can relish the fact that I can work and play at my own leisure with no worries.\'

Learning from the industry

Woods admits he didn\'t have the long years of experience that other industry practitioners have. However, he did have access to the advice and teachings of some of the industry\'s stars. Woods also made sure that he immersed himself in the business to guarantee that he understood what it demanded.

By early 2005, Woods began his new career in the make money from home industry, eventually joining The Berry Tree , a unique MLM system that has helped hundreds of just average people boost their income.

Woods is primed for success. \'I have waited tables and worked for little pay long enough to know that what I have discovered is something that can change people\'s lives. I know it has changed mine.\' Today, just a few short years after he quit his job, Woods\' business and team has grown significantly. Now that he is his own boss making money from home, Woods enjoys a six-figure annual income, a far cry from what he used to earn as an employee.
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