New XRF Analyze

Released to Increase Laboratory Efficiency

Released on: July 8, 2008, 5:35 am

Press Release Author: Jeff H / Skyray XRF

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Skyray XRF released two new non-destructive x-ray
fluorescence instruments to the North American market; the analytical instruments
were selected because of features that will help an organizational laboratory become
more efficient and productive.

Press Release Body: Atlanta, GA - Still relatively new to the North American market,
Skyray XRF continues to add to its versatile and reliable line of non-destructive
XRF analyzers. The newest x-ray fluorescence analyzers, the EDX-6000B and EDX-660,
have recently been approved for release to The United States, Canada and Mexico.
These instruments were selected because of features that will help increase the
efficiency and production of an organizations quality control process and/or
laboratory function.

One of the most exciting pieces of equipment offered by Skyray XRF is the EDX-660; a
new piece of portable laboratory equipment that performs with the accuracy of a
desktop system. For on-the-spot analysis needs where accuracy matters, the EDX-660
features a Micro-XRF system that is housed within a durable hard-body travel case
featuring wheels and a handle similar to a piece of luggage. The case holds a
micro-computer and XRF chamber; which comes with a proportional counter detection
system or the increased capabilities of the PIN-Diode detection system (EDX-660P).
While originally developed for mining and geological applications this mobile unit
will meet a wide range of testing needs and increase efficiency by allowing
precision laboratory equipment to be taken from location to location. It should be
noted that Skyray XRF also offers a hand held portable XRF system, The Pocket, for
lead content detection and material identification.

The second new offering from Skyray XRF is the EDX-6000B; a compact desktop model
featuring a turret stage that can hold up to sixteen (16) samples at once. This
sample changer increases the efficiency of a laboratory by automatically analyzing
multiple samples with the push of a button. A laboratory technician can insert
sixteen samples, start the instrument and leave it to analyze as required. It is
the first Skyray XRF to feature a new Ultra-High Resolution Detection System (UHRD),
providing resolution under 130eV, and is capable of analyzing the greatest elemental
range available because of its vacuum chamber. The EDX-6000B is a versatile system;
offering top performance in RoHS testing (lead content detection), metallurgy and
building materials analysis.

"The original plan of Skyray XRF was to hold new releases until next year; however,
we were so excited about these two instruments that we moved forward early," stated
Scott Kramer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Skyray XRF. "Both XRF analyzers
offer solutions for a wide range of application needs while utilizing technology
that can help an organizations laboratory increase efficiency and productivity.

Skyray XRF is the North American representative of an international leader in x-ray
fluorescence technology and can be contacted at 716-204-2388 to discuss applications
and instruments. The company website,, features overviews of the
full product line, applications and XRF technology.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 35 Fairway Dr W
Georgetown, DE 19947
Jeff Henseler

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