News No cheaper gasoline for US Taxpayer from Republican support in US congress of lifting Ban on offshore drilling

Released on: July 1, 2008, 9:55 am

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Republicans in US congress joined Oil companies lobby.
Proposed lifting Restrictions on offshore drilling for oiland gas. It will not bring
Gasoline Prices down because USA did not build New Refineries! Shame on them!

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC July01,2008)Republicans
in US congress has sold American Voters,US Taxpayers at higher Bid to largest US oil
companies Exxon, Chevron, BP,Texaco,ConocoPhilips with their Monopoly on US Gasoline
Shameless Republicans in US congress should tell the TRUTH! They do not care about
voters,that had elect those senators and congressmen! All they care is to be in
center of media attention and receive salary from Government with election campaigns
donations,gifts,discounts,oyher bribes from oil companies lobby! Compare Millions in
bribes and $200,000 in year salary to get picture on "Whom are they working hard
What did exactly American Voters hope for after electing as current US president one
former Texas oil company executive?? They want as much compensation for lobbying
from oil companies now and in retirement as possible! And they are pushing hard to
make more Taxbreaks,Subcidies and favorable laws before November Elections!
And here is the TRUTH! No matter how much more oil from Alaska or offshore
drilling will be pumped out of earth Exxon,Chevron,BP,Texaco,ConocoPhilips
will still not get American Consumer Cheaper price than World Price on
oil-$130 per barrel!! Who is talking about Cheaper Gasoline!
Those companies will sell to China all New Oil,that could not be processed into
gasoline on existing 30 years old Exxon,Chevron,BP,Texaco,ConocoPhilips refineries!
Existing Exxon,Chevron,BP,Texaco,ConocoPhilips gasoline Refineries were built 30
years ago to satisfy market demand 30 years ago. US Gasoline Market supply is at 30
year low and US Gasoline Market Demand is much higher than 30 years ago with
additional millions of new drivers on the US highways each year!
Each and every reported in news Expansion and adding production capacity to existing
Refineries could not be verified, because it exist only on paper!
It is Great Shame for US senators and congressmen to lose Control over manipulations
to make Extremely large profits by large oil companies! Your Voters elect You to
give oil exploration subcidies only for companies,who started now to build Brand New
Large Refineries. Only those companies should get Taxbreaks for their business on
portion of profits related to gasoline production. What are You doing in Congress?
Your Voters don't need oil companies lobby!!
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