Ops A La Carte(r) announces new international partnership

Released on: July 22, 2008, 8:35 am

Press Release Author: Ops A La Carte

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Consulting agreement with China-based SinoRel bolsters firm\'s presence, extends corporate reach

California-based Ops A La Carte® has announced an exciting international partnership with China-based SinoRel. This will extend the reliability-services leader\'s reputation in the global marketplace.

Press Release Body: Santa Clara, CA (July 22, 2008) - In a move designed to augment its global corporate reach and visibility, Ops A La Carte® has announced a brand-new consulting partnership agreement with Beijing, China-based SinoRel, to serve the reliability-testing needs of global industries.

With several U.S. offices and other locations strategically placed across the globe - among them China, India, Singapore and the U.K. - the reliability experts at Ops A La Carte® provide reliability management, reliability engineering services and reliability education to assure dependability among various industries\' products throughout their life cycles. Included in these services are accelerated life testing services through their test lab HALT and HASS Labs.

Both companies have consultants in their respective areas. Many Chinese companies are in need of expert consulting services - and many of OPS\' U.S.-based customers maintain subsidiaries and contract manufacturers in China that are in need of consulting expertise. Ops A La Carte® intends to utilize SinoRel\'s local-based professionals for the bulk of the day-to-day consulting work. OPS\' U.S. consultants will establish the various projects\' direction and offer high-end project management and training expertise.

SinoRel\'s consulting services encompass a broad base - including the electronics, communications, mechanical, semiconductor, automotive, energy, oil, gas and other industries. This partnership with Ops A La Carte® will enable SinoRel to expand its service matrix to other industries, while working to broaden the scope of its existing services.

Ops A La Carte® Managing Partner Mike Silverman said this new partnership will enhance his company\'s global reach and extend the well-respected reliability-services leader\'s reputation across the world marketplace. \"This enterprise further expands our ability to offer our services in all areas of the world. The partnership with SinoRel marks the beginning of an important new era for Ops A La Carte® in the reliability-services market.\"

Jeff Jin, director of SinoRel, expressed enthusiasm for the new partnership. \"This alliance with Ops A La Carte® will strengthen our expert team and introduce more successful RAMS implementation experience,\" Jin remarked. \"It will bring Silicon Valley\'s finest experts and intelligence resources into China to combine our international and local advantages, providing our customers with the greatest and most valuable service available.\"

About Ops A La Carte: Ops A La Carte is a professional consulting firm focused on Reliability Engineering Services, Reliability Management, and Reliability Education to assist companies in developing and executing any and all elements of Reliability throughout a company\'s organization and its products\' life cycle. Ops A La Carte also owns a test lab in California called HALT and HASS Labs, which specializes in accelerated reliability testing techniques. For further information about Ops A La Carte, visit www.opsalacarte.com.

About SinoRel Corporation: SinoRel Corporation is China\'s industrial leader in providing RAMS solutions. SinoRel Corporation employs systematic methodologies and tools to evaluate and assess corporate reliability status, heighten customer awareness, organize and apply reliability engineering technologies and build reliability programs. SinoRel Corporation focuses on improving corporate reliability core working procedures, focuses on fulfilling customer requirements, providing extensive and flexible solutions (including training, on-site service and test-assistance services) and providing comprehensive step-by-step service. For further information about SinoRel, visit www.SinoRel.com.

Web Site: http://www.opsalacarte.com

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Contact: Mike Silverman
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Website: http://www.opsalacarte.com

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