Revolutionary New Invention Capable of Ending Hunger and Stopping the Cycle of Poverty

Released on: July 4, 2008, 3:24 am

Press Release Author: Phyllis Davis

Industry: Chemicals

Press Release Summary: * EPA claims, ". . . in the U.S., cattle emit about 5.5
million metric tons of methane per year into the atmosphere, accounting for 20% of
U.S. methane emissions." Go green. Eat more fish.

Press Release Body: San Diego County, CA, July 2, 2008 -- - Portable FarmsT LLC
announces the availability of their new invention, Portable FarmsT which offers an
easy way to grow 100 pounds of home-grown fish and 400 heads of lettuce (or other
table vegetables) per year in a small 6 foot x 8 foot space. Units can be scaled to
feed several families, a small neighborhood, or an entire village. The fish and
table vegetables can be eaten or sold locally to stores or restaurants.

For more information:

Portable FarmsT offers an easy solution to the rising food prices in this country,
and the lack of available food and protein in 3rd World Countries. According to
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, "12.6 percent of the world
population of 6.6 billion people are suffering from Protein-energy malnutrition
(PEM). Protein is necessary for key body functions including provision of essential
amino acids and development and maintenance of muscles."

Colle Davis, the inventor of Portable FarmsT brings his unique talents and expertise
to create a working solution capable of solving the problems of food prices, food
shortages and world poverty. He was educated at University of California at Davis in
the field of Renewable Natural Resources and has been refining his invention of
Portable FarmsT since the early 1970\'s.

Colle Davis is quoted saying, "This is very exciting. I've been perfecting the
Portable FarmT for 36 years. It's actually very simple: Water circulates from a
water tank filled with fish and a newly patented pump moves water through a settling
tank, then the water flows through shallow beds of gravel containing fresh
vegetables. This pump keeps the fish tank free of sediments and sends the nutrients
to the plants. It's a perfectly efficient system."

A Portable FarmT:
* Is affordable and pays for itself
* Requires only minimal upkeep (three to five minutes a day)
* Requires only minimal space
* No soil, no watering, no weeding, no fertilizers or pesticides, no hand feeding fish
* Can be Solar Powered and fully automated
* Offers a wide variety of choices of table vegetables
* Raises Tilapia and catfish (both herbivores - vegetarian fish) which can be raised
on a vegetable protein plant (duckweed or algae).
Portable FarmsT grows:
Lettuce, basil, peppers, sage, parsley, cilantro and most herbs
Flowering plants: tomatoes, strawberries, peas, squash, eggplants
Colorful flowers
Hybrid Tilapia or catfish, or other fish depending on availability and local

Portable FarmsT LLC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with an office and
distribution center in San Diego, California. It is a privately-held company and is
designated as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. They offer a Portable
FarmsT Kit that can be assembled and installed upon arrival. Colle Davis is also the
CEO, Executive Mentoring and Coaching, Inc.

Phyllis Davis
Portable FarmsT LLC
San Diego County, CA
760-295-0698 - PST

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact:
Phyllis Davis
Portable FarmsT LLC
San Diego County, CA
760-295-0698 - PST

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