SINO-NSH GER Used Oil Regeneration System

Released on: July 10, 2008, 1:02 am

Press Release Author: SINO-NSH oil purifier manufacture Co.,Ltd

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: SINO-NSH transformer oil purifier plant
SINO-NSH lubricating oil filtering plant
SINO-NSH turbine oil recycling plant
SINO-NSH engine oil regeneration system

Press Release Body: NSH GER Gas engine oil recycling System is particularly suitable
to recycle internal-combustion engine oil including diesel engine oil, gasoline
engine oil and internal-combustion engine oils. GER series can effectively remove
colloid, oxid, acid, pitch, particles, impurities, water, gas in the oil. Specially,
GER can restore the color of used internal-combustion engine oil and remove the
scent rapidly.
GER Series

Gas Engine Oil Regeneration System
Insulation Oil Series
VFD Double-Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier
VFD-A Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Automation Purifier
VFD-R Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Regeneration Purifier
VFD-T Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier with Tester
Turbine Oil series
TF Turbine Oil Purifier
TF-A Turbine Oil Automation Purifier
TF-R Turbine Oil Regeneration Purifier
Lubrication Oil series
LV Lubrication Oil Purifier

LV-A Lubrication Oil Automation Purifier

LV-R Lubrication Oil Regeneration Purifier

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