Universal World Flag

Released on: July 20, 2008, 12:40 pm

Press Release Author: Humanbeingflag

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: This is the Universal World Flag,,, created as a focus Point
for all to start from, for us all to remember that we are all humanbeings first.

Press Release Body: ŽA
I have never really seen anyone that looks like these colors,, however I am just
using them as symbols, of the 4 colors we have ALL come from.
The purpose of this Flag, is to go Beyond, Color, Prejudice, Inhumanity and
Injustice to All Human Beings.
We are All Human Beings.
We are All connected.
Our Soul, Spirit, is either All colors, or no color, or both.
I cannot debate that issue.
The flag has the four Human Being colors,,, White, Yellow, Red, and Black.
The triangle in each color represents our connection with the other Human Beings.
All pointing to the Centre, The Circle of Life.
The Centre represents Our Soul, Spirit, also the Circle of Life.
The symbols represent Man and Woman. Equal, but different. I have put them together
to show equality.
And the symbol for Infinity, reminds Us All, that we will Forever be Connected as
Human Beings, (Soul-Spirit)

As Human Beings, we were All born with Equal Rights. EQUAL RIGHTS. NOT EQUAL
And for that,,,,,,,, I am saddened.
This is an invitation to go Beyond, Color, Prejudice, Injustice and Judgment.

This is an invitation to Share Peace.

Purchase a Human Being Flag, and Present the world with another option.

This flag represents a Reach for Peace.

Contact David @ 780-217-2358

E-mail: servant@Humanbeingflag.com
HumanBeingFlag.com, Universalworldflag.com,, Globalhumanflag.com
Donations are Welcome. Help, Promoting, Advertising, Manufacturing, and Financing

Web Site: http://www.Humanbeingflag.com

Contact Details: 440 Main street
Spruce Grove
Alberta Canada

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