Unwanted Dog Behaviour - A Big Problem!

Released on: July 3, 2008, 3:59 am

Press Release Author: Catherine Goat

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Even more worrying are the dogs that are displaying more
aggressive behaviour which could escalate further until someone gets hurt.

Press Release Body: Cambridgeshire, UK ( ExpressPressRelease ) 3rd July 2008 -href=http://www.totallypaws.co.uk>www.totallypaws.co.uk launches a free 7 step
blueprint to improve your dog's behaviour as part of their Dog Behaviour Month for
July 08. The focus during July will be to establish what the main unwanted dog
behaviours are that cause the most concern, and to provide information and products
to help you resolve the problem.

www.totallypaws.co.uk has created a free 7 step blueprint to help Britain's 6.8
million dog owners change their pet's unwanted and sometimes dangerous behaviour.

Most dog owners are concerned about at least one aspect of their dog's behaviour
including common problems such as jumping up at visitors, running out the door and
chewing furniture. These problems are preventing owners and their families from
really enjoying their pet.

Even more worrying are the dogs that are displaying more aggressive behaviour which
could escalate further until someone gets hurt.

Catherine Goat, owner of the new cat and dog care website www.totallypaws.co.uk that
provides practical information and specially selected products to solve problems for
busy animal lovers says, "The majority of dog owners are responsible and want
nothing more than to provide for their pet, to enable them to be happy, healthy and
content dogs. But across the country dogs are getting away with unacceptable
behaviour because owners just don't know how to change it."

Catherine reports that in her experience most dog owners require some guidance to
change a dog's unwanted behaviour and she is addressing this problem by creating a
free 7 step blueprint to changing dog's behaviour including.

1. Indentifying the problem
2. Boundary Setting
3. Preparation
4. The three 'C' of Pack Leadership
5. Rewards
6. Opportunity
7. Practice

"I know how frustrating a badly behaving dog can be and so have created these 7
steps to demonstrate how easy it can be to change your dog's behaviour. By
following these steps to clearly communicate what is acceptable behaviour to the
dog, a better understanding between pet and owner will develop, leading to a
happier, healthier pet," explains Catherine.

TotallyPaws.co.uk also offers short e-mail courses on understanding different
aspects of dog's behaviour. It is also carrying out a survey to establish the true
extent of the problem and to find out from dog owners what behavioural issues they
are experiencing with their dog.

Visit href=http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=6YRwI8akJ94H63iNntcSGQ_3d_3d>www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=6YRwI8akJ94H63iNntcSGQ_3d_3d
to take part in this survey or download the 7 step Blueprint and start changing your
dog's behaviour today by visiting href=http://www.totallypaws.co.uk/pdf/sign_up_blueprint>www.totallypaws.co.uk/pdf/sign_up_blueprint

Catherine Goat is available for comment and interviews by telephone 01954 230902
e-mail cathy@totallypaws.co.uk


Web Site: http://www.totallypaws.co.uk

Contact Details: 40 Priory Ave,
CB24 4RY, UK

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